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End of the Visa Vignette

End of the Visa Vignette – The new Biometric Residence Permit rollout schedule

The new Biometric Residence Permit for overseas applicants has been revealed. The biometric residence permit’s design is set by European Union (EU) regulation.

The Permit is a standard credit card size (86mm x 54mm) and looks similar to biometric residence permits issued by other EU countries. The permit is made from polycarbonate plastic and contains a chip to make it more secure against forgery and abuse.

Security Features include:

  • The International Civil Aviation Organisation ‘chip inside’ symbol printed using Optically Variable Ink (OVI). As the permit is tilted, the OVI shifts colour depending on the angle of viewing, whilst displaying a metallic quality.
  • Two colour Ultra Violet design
  • Dynaprint
  • Tactile features.
  • Unique Permit Number
  • KinegramTM – various designs can be seen as the permit is tilted, showing a distinctive colour change and large amount of fine detail.

The international rollout schedule provides information on the dates for each phase of the overseas biometric residence permit.

Now that we know what it will look like, we’ll keep you posted on progress of the rollout and how effective the designated Post Offices are at locating the Biometric Residence Permit.


Previous article from 19th February 2015

UK Visas and Immigration are making changes to the documents that you need to show when entering the UK.

At present, if you are a non EEA- national travelling to the UK for more than 6 months, for example to work or study, you will be issued with a visa vignette in your passport.

That visa vignette details the visa category that you applied under and effective start and end dates of your stay in the UK.

From March 2015, if you are a non EEA- national and wish to enter the UK for more than 6 months you will need to apply for Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). An entry clearance visa vignette will no longer be placed in your passport.

You will still be expected to complete your application and submit your documents to the appropriate Visa Application Centre in your country of origin or residence. The visa application process will remain largely unchanged.

Once the visa application is successful and leave to enter the UK has been granted, the UK authorities will instead issue a travel vignette. The travel vignette will be issued for only a short time to allow you to enter the UK. Once you arrive to the UK, you must then go to a designated Post Office branch, within 10 days, to collect your BRP.

Applicants who have applied to extend their stay in the UK, or leave to remain, will be familiar with applying for and carrying a BRP with them as proof of their immigration status. In fact, the Home Office have said that since 2012, around 1.8 million BRPs were issued to in-country applicants.

However, it remains to be seen what the travel vignette will look like and how effective the designated Post Office will be in providing the BRP to the applicant within 10 days of their arrival.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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