Employment Audit

Employment audits are a critical tool for proactive and effective HR compliance management. Our audit service helps employers reduce legal risk.

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Effective risk management is built on an understanding of organisational weaknesses and capability.

HR audits are an effective way to identify and manage current and potential risks relating to employment law and people management.

While an HR infrastructure of policies, documents and procedures can help employers manage their workforce and meet their legal obligations, employment law is subject to constant change, and with it, the requirements on employers are also continually shifting.

This creates a need for employers to take a proactive approach to regularly reviewing and updating HR documentation and processes to ensure continued compliance.



Need assistance?

DavidsonMorris offers a specialist employment audit service for employers.

We can support your organisation in conducting your own HR audit internally, or we can carry out the full audit on your behalf.

We tailor our approach to suit your specific needs and focus. We understand the questions to ask, the information look for and where risks can arise.

Through our audit service, you will gain assurance that your HR documentation and processes are:

  • Compliant and up to date with current employment case law and legislation.
  • Optimised and in line with best practice.
  • Aligned to your organisation’s objectives and strategy.


Our approach to auditing

Effective auditing is a regular exercise, to keep pace with changes in the law and employers’ responsibilities. 

Our audit service is highly valuable in ensuring our clients’ policies and practices are fit for purpose and in full compliance with UK employment law.

We will examine in detail your HR documentation and processes as identified in the scoping exercise, which could include:

  • Recruitment & onboarding e.g. job descriptions, employment contracts, handbooks, induction & training
  • Employee working hours, pay & benefits e.g. pay reviews & structures, sick pay and leave, flexible working policy, benefits & membership schemes
  • Employee relations eg employee policies, performance management, change management & communication
  • Discrimination & harassment e.g. policy, training
  • Data protection e.g. GDPR, record keeping, personnel records, privacy
  • Exit procedures e.g. exit interviews, garden leave


We will summarise our findings and analysis in a final report, benchmarking against industry standards and making recommendations for areas that need improvement or updating to remain compliant.

The audit report will be an insightful reference document, offering value in both due diligence and risk management terms and enabling informed executive decision-making.

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