Workplace investigations

Workplace investigations must be conducted properly to avoid legal repercussions.

Through our independent HR investigation service, we can help.

Workplace investigations

Workplace investigations can present considerable risks for employers. How investigations are conducted will heavily influence the outcome and impact of a workplace dispute, and the process followed may be subject to future scrutiny should the matter result in a tribunal claim.

HR investigations have to be handled fairly and employers should follow ACAS guidance on disciplinary and grievance matters to avoid the risk of tribunal claims. But conducting an HR investigation internally is not always a practical or appropriate solution.

The HR team may lack the bandwidth, expertise or experience of conducting internal investigations, particularly where the dispute is complex or sensitive in nature. And in the interests of fairness and credibility, the investigator should not be involved in the dispute that is subject of the investigation or in the final decision-making process.

In such instances, working with external, independent HR investigation specialists can help.

Workplace investigation support for employers

HR investigations form part of many HR procedures, including grievances or disciplinary proceedings. They should enable the employer to understand the full facts of the matter and to allow for fair, objective and informed decision-making.

Every investigation is different. We work with internal HR teams to fully scope out the requirement and set the parameters, including evidence to be gathered, documents to be reviewed and employees to be interviewed.

We can assist with developing a tailored plan for carrying out a fair, comprehensive and balanced investigation, identifying areas of legal risk to be mitigated throughout the process. 

We can help

At DavidsonMorris, we have substantial experience in supporting employers with all types of workplace investigation.

Our team of specialist employment lawyers and HR professionals provide a fully comprehensive independent investigation service covering all manner of workplace disputes such as allegations of bullying and harassment, grievance and disciplinary matters or concerns over company policies and procedures.

We bring together an in depth understanding of the ACAS guidance with technical employment law knowledge on issues such as privilege to deliver a transparent, robust and cost-effective investigation on your behalf.

We will carry out the investigation efficiently and with minimal disruption to the organisation and present the findings within a comprehensive report with conclusions, which can be relied on by the organisation to make a fully informed decision on the matter.


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