Move management

Full-service, cost-efficient move management solutions, ensuring organisational compliance and supporting a successful transition for your employees.


Specialist move management services

Move management is about the detail, and ensuring everything the employee needs to relocate is taken care of, while controlling costs and coordinating suppliers in both the home and destination country.

Managing employee relocations is demanding on HR and mobility teams. The administrative necessities are substantial, requiring specialist knowledge, skills, technology and contacts to support a smooth transition and a positive start to the assignment.

But successful talent mobility is more than administration. The employee experience starts pre-departure, by helping to reduce the stress and enabling employees to focus on their job and dealing with the personal challenges and upheaval or relocating their family and lives.


We can help

Our team of mobility specialists provide end-to-end project management for all types of employee relocations and assignments.

Our specialist move management services facilitate agile, streamlined and compliant international assignments that accommodate the specific and individual nature of assignments to remove the burden on in-house mobility teams and reduce the stress for assignees.

We work with HR and global mobility teams to support with all aspects of the move and transition, developing processes underpinned by high quality compliance and supply chain relationship management that support your overall mobility programme.

We can coordinate every stage of the move across the entire process, from selecting local suppliers to working closely with our team of immigration specialists to provide guidance on work permits, visa options and applications for employees and their families.

And support with supply chain management, optimising use of tech, systems and processes to support your mobility programme.

Our move management services are tailored to your organisation’s needs and capabilities, and can include:

  • Develop a competitive relocation policy
  • Manage all aspects of the move programme
  • Benchmark practices
  • Tech and software consultation
  • Supply chain review and enhancement
  • Single point of coordination
  • Selling property
  • Visa and immigration applications, Embassy liaison
  • Compliance with local legislative requirements
    Settling in support
  • Claims advice
  • Destination services


To find out more about our move management services, speak to our specialists.


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