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Successful HR system projects demand highly-specialised technical knowledge and people skills. Our HR systems consultants can help.


When selecting an HR system there are numerous organisational and technical issues that must be identified and addressed as part of the selection process and subsequent implementation.

Given the levels of investment in both time, money and resource terms, organisations must feel confident the selected system will meet the organisation’s needs and drive optimal return.

It can be challenging for in-house HR practitioners to keep pace with advancements in HR systems, solutions and providers, and to determine which solutions offer the best match with organisational needs.

Engaging an independent, HR systems consultant can help organisations where relevant expertise and experience does not exist in-house or to help avoid diverting valuable HR resource from operational and service demands.


Considerations when procuring HR systems

HR systems projects will be determined by a number of critical success factors:

Understanding the HR need – In many cases, the real value of engaging an HR systems consultant is in the initial formative stages, and helping to determine the specific requirements to be met. This will shape the selection criteria.

Understanding of the HR Software Market – Knowing what is available, what works, what supports best practice, core and advanced functionality, knowledge of price points, service standards and other practical implications such as integration restrictions all form key systems selection criteria. 

Stakeholder objectivity – HR systems procurement will necessarily require engagement with multiple internal stakeholders, each with differing and potentially conflicting needs and expectations. An independent consultant offers much-needed objectivity in establishing priorities for the organisation as a whole, without bias towards a specific function or role.

Systems objectivity – Independence will also be critical when evaluating potential suppliers and solutions against the organisation’s needs.


We can help

DavidsonMorris’ team of HR consultants help employers evaluate, select and implement HR systems in support of organisational objectives.

We combine exceptional product knowledge with HR best practice and expertise in delivering highly-specialised, non-routine technical HR projects.

Our HR system consultants have extensive experience and understanding of the HR systems market and emerging technologies, providing specialist, independent insights and actionable advice on everything from functionality evaluation to effective implementation and change management.

Procuring HR systems demands specialist product knowledge, HR project management and technical skills. We can support you throughout the process:

  • Audit existing HR systems and processes
  • Identify and prioritise needs
  • Create a detailed technical specification or RFP
  • Objective management of the supplier selection process
  • Support resolution of technical requirements and issues
  • Employee engagement
  • Change management support
  • Training programme development


Whatever the drivers for investing in an HR system, whether you are seeking cost reductions, process efficiencies or enhanced compliance, workflow management or automation, improved collaboration and data sharing or document storage, we can help you prioritise requirements and define a specification against which potential solutions will be assessed.

We will help you formulate the requirement and identify critical functionality needs. We will evaluate potential systems against the selection criteria and help to identify potential suppliers that match your needs and budget.


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