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We have extensive experience within the energy sector and are fully immersed in the organisational, talent, human resource and mobility challenges facing business leaders and HR in this industry.

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Energy industry expertise

As employer solutions lawyers, we help ensure our clients’ HR, immigration and global mobility programmes are both fully compliant with their legal obligations and effective in supporting the organisation’s people-led business objectives.

Our specialist team of employment and immigration lawyers and HR and global mobility consultants work with energy companies of all sizes, delivering strategic consultancy and managed services in support of their workforce planning, management and development efforts. 


Employer solutions for the energy industry

We help energy companies:

  • Mobilise highly skilled, specialist talent across the globe 
  • Streamline people processes across the employee lifecycle
  • Manage emergency visa applications 
  • Improve the recruitment and retention of high-calibre staff
  • Meet their employment, immigration compliance and right to work obligations
  • Enhance internal support functions through training and professional development programmes 
  • Stay up to date with changes in employment and immigration law and HR best practice 

Talent challenges for energy companies

The UK energy industry, undergoing rapid technological advancements and a green transition, faces a crucial challenge: attracting and retaining the talent needed to fuel its energy revolution. While Brexit and broader economic forces continue to play a role, a significant obstacle lies within the UK’s increasingly restrictive immigration system. This, when coupled with the unique needs of the energy sector, creates a perfect storm threatening not only individual projects but the sector’s entire trajectory towards a greener future.

Across the energy sector, vacancies abound, exceeding 40,000 in specialised roles like engineers, construction workers, and data analysts. This dearth of talent manifests in project delays, rising costs, and even stalled ambitions, jeopardising both energy security and performance goals.

UK energy relies heavily on international talent to fill crucial needs. This reliance stems from several factors. Many emerging technologies like carbon capture and storage or offshore wind require expertise not readily available domestically. And navigating complex international supply chains and collaborating with overseas partners often necessitate a diverse and culturally aware workforce.

Attracting top talent from around the world is crucial for staying competitive and at the forefront of technological advancements. However, recent UK immigration policies present significant hurdles for energy sector employers.

The points-based system makes sponsoring foreign workers expensive and cumbersome, especially for lower-skilled positions prevalent in construction and maintenance.

The SOL, which lists professions facing skills shortages, does not adequately reflect the energy sector’s needs. Many critical roles are excluded, limiting the talent pool.

Specialist immigration routes for energy workers are also being limited, in particular with the closure of the wind workers’ concession for offshore workers. 

These immigration challenges contribute to the energy sector’s talent gap. Unfilled positions and slower project completion times hinder the UK’s ability to meet its net-zero ambitions, while talent shortages drive up labour costs and project risks, impacting the affordability and efficiency of energy solutions.

The perception of being closed to international talent can also deter skilled workers and investment, jeopardising the UK’s position as a leader in the global energy transition.

To overcome these challenges and ensure a smooth energy transition, the UK government needs to recognise the vital role of immigration in the energy sector, to enable employers to bridge the talent gap, spark innovation, and secure a sustainable energy future. 


UK Immigration for energy companies

Our team of leading UK immigration lawyers help energy companies with all aspects of their UK immigration needs.

Through our strategic advice and managed migration services, we operate in support of inhouse HR teams or on a fully outsourced basis to ensure you operate competitively and in full compliance when employing overseas workers. 


Employment law for energy employers

Our team of employment lawyers works with employers of all sizes to provide ongoing employment law advice, representation and strategic risk management guidance. We offer specialist, fixed fee employment law services including access to unlimited telephone advice.


HR for the energy industry

Our team of highly experienced HR consultants can support companies to improve the performance of their HR function and enhance the overall impact of HR projects. 

We combine deep industry knowledge with technical expertise to help employers in the oil and gas sector drive commercial performance through a transformative approach to human resource planning, management and development.  


Global mobility for multinational employers

We help ensure our clients’ global mobility programmes are both fully compliant with immigration requirements and effective in supporting commercial operations.

We understand the challenges involved in managing a global workforce and provide expert guidance to help reduce risk while deriving maximum value and return from mobility programmes.

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