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Employee Always Late for Work?

Dealing with employees who are repeat offenders of persistent lateness can be challenging and a problem that can only be addressed with effective policies and procedures in place. In these

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5 Steps to Reduce Absenteeism

Employee absenteeism costs UK employers billions of pounds each year in lost working days, temporary replacement staff and sick pay. There are a number of measures employers can take to

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Do You Need a Period Policy at Work?

There is undoubtedly a general stigma in the workplace surrounding periods and menstrual health. For employees, talking to their manager or employer about period issues can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

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Define Your Employee Value Proposition

A compelling Employee Value Proposition could provide critical competitive advantage in today’s market for talent as employers across all parts of the economy struggling to fill vacancies and to retain workers.

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Practical Guide to Employee Relations

Employee relations refers to the relationship between employers and their employees. Effective employee relations are critical to healthy and productive workplace cultures, and are proven to lead to improved business

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Employee Stranded Abroad?

With flight cancellations expected to persist throughout the summer, it’s not unlikely that some employees may find themselves stranded abroad and unable to return home and back into work when

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How to Spot a Fake CV

During the hiring process companies of all sizes – from small businesses to multinational corporations – can fall victim to applicants with fraudulent CVs. With employers across sectors struggling to

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