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Avoiding Recruitment Bias

Recruiting best talent is critical to all organisations. But recruitment decisions can, and often are, influenced by unconscious recruitment biases. Such biases can be hard to identify, but they can

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Return to Work: Guide for HR

If an employee has been absent from work through either illness or injury, especially for a prolonged period of time, it can take them a while to readjust on their

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Staff Affairs at Work

Workplace romances are an inevitable consequence of the amount of time people spend at work. While most relationships at work won’t cause problems, it’s best for employers to be prepared

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Extra Bank Holiday Rules 2023

Understanding how bank holidays work in the context of holiday entitlement, and your employee’s right to paid time off, is important when it comes to keeping your workforce happy. The

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How Long Should You Keep Personnel Files?

Personnel records include the employee’s personal details, pay and tax information, working time, absences, training, career progression and any disciplinary or grievance matters. An employer’s duties to retain personnel records

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Mental Health Days at Work

While employees may not think twice about calling in sick due to physical illness, the same probably can’t be said for emotional or mental illness. When employees feel stressed, overwhelmed

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AI in Recruitment

AI in recruitment is the application of artificial intelligence to the talent procurement process, where machine learning can learn to shortlist your ideal candidate and automate manual tasks.   How

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Employee Assistance Programme: HR Guide

Employee assistance programmes (EAPs) are now commonly regarded as an essential feature of employee benefit schemes, particularly in light of the post-pandemic emphasis on staff wellbeing. In this guide for employers,

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