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Through a combination of immigration expertise and tech solutions, we can help employers tackle the compliance risks of business travel. We enable compliant and effective business travel.

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Business travellers compliance risks

Business travellers, within organisations, are on the rise as employers look for more cost-effective and flexible alternatives to longer-term overseas assignments. But as the volume of short-term travel grows, so too does the compliance risk facing employers.

Governments across the globe are taking a more stringent approach to business travellers, relying on sophisticated technology to track business travel and empowering border officials to exercise greater discretion to refuse entry at the border. Rules on permissible activities for business travellers vary extensively from country to country.

Immigration issues can impact both the traveller, who may be refused entry, and the employer, if they are found to be in breach of local immigration laws through their travelling employees, giving cause for fines and penalties and impacting future immigration applications within the host country.


Need help with business travel compliance?

Our team of immigration specialists provides operational and strategic support to help manage the compliance risks of business travellers.

We are experienced in developing and operating systems and procedures to manage your business traveller population and associated risks efficiently, while supporting the commercial objectives behind the global mobility programme as a whole.

A key area of risk is where employees fail to inform the employer through appropriate channels of their travel plans. This has multiple implications relating to immigration compliance, payroll, taxation, expenses management and the employer’s duty of care. Employers should know at any one time where their employees are operating from.

We can help ensure business travel does not take place under the radar and without the knowledge of the HR or mobility team, by ensuring relevant data is captured, systems are updated.

In addition to operational support, our immigration advisers also provide strategic support, with substantial experience of developing organisational governance frameworks that support compliance and employee mobility for commercial needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Drafting & reviewing business travel policies
  • Consulting on the appropriate immigration route, ensuring the reason of travel complies with local rules on permissible business activities
  • Completing work authorisation & visa application support
  • Supporting with border issues and employees detained by immigration control
  • Consulting on systems such as traveller tracking, expense and security systems, aligning functionality such as integration and automation to business need across areas such as immigration, tax and payroll
  • Supporting with training and travelling employee engagement to promote shared accountability between travellers and HR or mobility teams of compliance requirements

To find out how we can help you manage the compliance risks of your business travellers, speak to our specialists.


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