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Sponsor Licence Revocation

As a sponsor licence holder, you are required by law to meet a number of duties in relation to the management of your sponsor licence. The Home Office is taking an increasingly vigilant approach to immigration enforcement. Failure to comply or to engage actively with the Home Office can result in Tier 2 sponsor licence revocation.

Have you received notification of a Sponsor Licence Revocation?

Challenging a suspected breach of immigration duties

If you have received formal notification from UKVI that your company’s Tier 2 sponsorship licence is at risk of revocation, your next steps will be crucial in determining the resulting impact on your business.

You will be required to respond to the notification within the given timeframe taking into account:

  • The grounds for revocation: Is the Home Office justified in taking the most severe of enforcement measures against your business?
  • Challenging factual error: If the revocation is as a result of a factual error, how will you evidence this?
  • Addressing the breach: If the revocation is as a result of non-compliance, how will you rectify the breach?
  • Impact on business: If your sponsor licence is revoked, what will be the full impact on your business and the wider implications on job security etc?

How we can help you

DavidsonMorris brings substantial experience in advising companies facing sponsor licence revocation:

  • Assisting with understanding the grounds for revocation
  • Advice on collating the supporting evidence
  • Advice on building a response that factors in wider business and economic implications of a revoked sponsor licence
  • Advice on remedial steps to address areas of non-compliance
  • Support in engaging with UKVI
  • Advice and support in relation to any subsequent follow-up scrutiny such as Home Office site visit

Our team of UK immigration specialists can advise on all compliance and evidentiary requirements critical to a prompt response and minimising the impact on your business operations.

Do you need help with a Sponsor Licence Revocation?

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Is your sponsor licence being revoked?

Sponsor licence revocation following alleged compliance breach

Challenging a sponsor licence revocation

Why choose DavidsonMorris for sponsor licences?

We are a team of immigration lawyers and former Home Office employees, with an established reputation for supporting employers and HR professionals on all aspects of Tier 2 sponsor licence applications.

We are highly experienced in all the document and evidentiary requirements vital to a prompt and stress-free sponsor application.

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A revoked sponsor licence would see your company lose its ability to hire Tier 2 non-EEA skilled workers.

If you have received notification from UKVI that your sponsor licence is being revoked, you will have a limited timeframe in which to respond.

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Essential compliance information for sponsor licence holders.

Understand your duties as a sponsor licence holder to avoid or rectify compliance issues with the UK Home Office.

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We can also help with:


After 4 years, you will be required to apply to renew your sponsor licence, when your HR systems and processes will be scrutinised by the Home Office.

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Sponsor licence holders must meet a number of duties on an ongoing basis, requiring HR systems and processes to support compliance.

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You should expect to receive a Home Office visit as part of a sponsor licence renewal. They can be daunting, making early preparation essential.

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Immigration audit helps as part of your sponsor licence application or renewal preparation to you meet the duties of a sponsor licence holder.

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Sponsor licence holders must comply with Home Office requirements through effective HR systems and processes.

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Advice on the use of restricted and unrestricted Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) under your Tier 2 sponsor licence.

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