Programme management

Critical to achieving return on global mobility investment is an agile, compliant and cost-effective approach to programme management. We can help you drive value from global mobility.


Programme management

Managing global mobility programmes demands a breadth of knowledge, skills and experience, from people management, to immigration and employment law, tax and remuneration as well as project management and intercultural understanding.

For HR and mobility teams responsible for a diverse portfolio of programmes, the demand multiplies.

Yet if real impact is to be achieved, mobility functions must ensure effective and compliant handling of the administrative requirements while driving strategic priorities through global mobility activity and ensuring contribution to organisational value.


We can help

As employment solutions lawyers, we bring together experts in immigration and employment law, HR and global mobility to offer a complete programme management solution, flexible to your organisation’s needs.

Our administrative services ease the burden on in-house HR and mobility teams while ensuring compliance, cost management and support for overseas assignees. We provide end-to-end solutions that meet your specific requirements, from compliance guidance and visa and immigration advice to payroll, destination services and repatriation support.

We coordinate and manage mobility programmes of all types, including long-term and short-term assignments, extended business travel and permanent relocations.

Our programme management services include:

  • Visa and immigration consulting
  • Mobility policy drafting & development
  • Compliance support & auditing
  • Consular services
  • Move management
  • Allowance, expense & payroll administration
  • Tax
  • Settling in
  • Repatriation
  • Global, mobility strategy & consulting


Our programme management expertise can relieve in-house teams of the operational and compliance demands of overseas assignments, in order to focus on the strategic development of the organisation’s global mobility activity.

To find out more about the benefits of our programme management solutions, speak to our specialists.



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