Departure services

Just as critical as preparing for an overseas assignment is planning for the employee’s return. We help ensure a smooth transition.


Professional departure services

Employees coming back from assignment have a lot to contend with, from the logistical demands of relocating, to anxieties about returning to where they used to live and work and dealing with further upheaval for their family.

In reality, the final phase of international assignments can often be overlooked by organisations. Yet a lack of preparation in bringing the assignment to an orderly conclusion can cause additional costs for the employer and place unnecessary stress on the employee.

Issues during the departure, resettlement and repatriation also risk high attrition rates among returning employees.


Need assistance?

Our mobility specialists support organisations with all aspects of their global mobility programme and repatriation, including departure services, to prepare for the end of an assignment.

The administrative and logistical demands of coordinating the move back are extensive, but relocation outcomes can see significant impact where the employee is provided with professional departure and resettlement support.

Our service will be tailored to your needs. We can work as an extension of your HR and mobility team, helping employees and their families to make the last stage of their current assignment stress-free, facilitating a smooth and efficient departure and successful repatriation or transition to a new assignment or relocation.

Our departure services include:

  • Host country housing arrangements, including sale, removals & contract terminations
  • Utility disconnections
  • Mail redirection
  • Departure expense administration
  • Consultation on immigration implications and applications
  • Notice periods for schools
  • Closure of bank accounts and memberships
  • Streamline processes
  • Liaison with relevant authorities


We support the entire process from the planning to settling back into the new location, reducing the administrative burden on your HR and mobility teams and the employee, and saving you money by streamlining the entire process and ensuring all aspects of the assignment are terminated as required by local laws.

To find out how our departure services can benefit your organisation, speak to our specialists.


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