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Settling in support sets the right foundations for successful international assignments. We can support you and your assignees.


Professional settling in services

The first phase of an overseas assignment can be overwhelming for the assignee and their family – moving to a foreign location with different laws, cultures and infrastructure, the pressure of achieving the business objectives of the relocation and there will be personal concerns about the impact of the move on family members.

Professional settling in services acknowledge the strains of relocating internationally, and proactively serve to support the employee and their family through the move process to help them feel at home as soon as possible.

Settling in services can be undervalued or overlooked in the wider relocation process. But effective move management can create a stress-free and welcoming experience, which is more likely to result in strong work performance, expedited integration and ultimately a successful assignment with minimal issues and managed costs.

Need assistance with settling in services? We can help

As part of DavidsonMorris’ full suite of employee relocation solutions, we offer settling in services to support your employees through the critical first months of arriving in a new location.

Our global mobility specialists understand that critical to the success of any international relocation is the employee’s ability to focus on their job, while the administration and logistical demands are managed cost-effectively.

Settling in requires extensive planning and action early in the relocation project to manage costs and ensure a smooth transition.

Our settling in services are designed to ensure everything is in place and in order to enable the employee to hit the ground running and start their new life without hassle or problems.

We can build a solution specific to your needs, through services such as:

  • Personal administration support such as utilities, banking, driving licenses, insurance services and local registrations
  • Area orientation & information
  • School search & selection
  • Property search & overviews
  • Visa & immigration advice
  • Vehicle purchase/hire assistance
  • Vehicle & property insurances
  • Translation services
  • Ongoing assignment support

We will work with the assignee to identity their destination and settling in needs early and to relieve the employee of administrative and logistical burdens of relocating.

We compile customised orientation guides and online resources tailored to the assignee’s interests and needs such as property, schools, lifestyle and other personal priorities, with expert advice and assistance to help your relocating employees make informed decisions.

In addition, our global mobility advisers work closely with our immigration specialists to ensure any visas and work permit applications are managed.

For more information about our settling in services and relocation support for assignees and employers, speak to our specialists.

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