Group Moves

International group moves are fraught with risk and costs, raising challenges in areas as diverse as immigration, tax and employment contracts. We help manage successful group relocations.


Group move services

As organisations seek to capitalise on global opportunities or respond to market challenges, a group move must succeed in facilitating delivery of the organisational objectives, while managing costs and ensuring compliance.

But managing international relocations is inherently demanding, and in a group move scenario, involving the movement of a number of employees from one location to another, the complexities facing the HR and mobility function multiply.

Beyond administrative challenges, organisations also need to ensure employees and their families feel adequately supported and equipped to deal with the transition and to start a new life in a new country.


Need specialist relocation support? We can help

At DavidsonMorris, our cost-effective and flexible group move service is designed specifically to help organisations move employees, their families, belongings and lives.

Our experienced global mobility personnel understand the challenges involved with relocating large groups of individuals between locations and across the world, and can assist your organisation through the move process, end-to-end, from pre-departure solutions and cost planning to destination and settling-in services.

Following an initial consultation process, we will design a group relocation plan tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and the needs of relocating employees. We can help with:

  • Group move planning & project management
  • Cost management
  • Drafting organisational move policy
  • Expense management
  • Employee communications
  • Familiarisation tours & visits
  • Settling-in services


Employee engagement is a critical success factor in group moves, keeping affected employees informed of the move process at every stage as to what they need to do and how they can take advantage of the support services on offer. 

We can support through delivery of proactive and comprehensive communications such as briefings and consultations and provision of reference material to share key information about the relocation.

To find out more about our group move services, speak to our specialists.



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