Employers risk losing returning employees where they are not fully supported in resettling following an overseas assignment. We can help with employee repatriation support.


The value of repatriation support

Repatriation is a critical but often overlooked phase in the long-term international assignment lifecycle.

Returning from overseas assignment can expose assignees to a broad range of unexpected challenges. After a period of change, cultural enrichment and diversity, coming back may seem mundane. There may have been internal team or organisational changes, and they are likely to have questions about their own role and career progression in light of their valuable international experience.

It is for the employer, and specifically the HR team, to pre-empt such issues and ensure returning employees receive the same level of support post-assignment as they did before they relocated, or risk losing them and their experience to a new employer.


Need assistance with employee repatriation? We can help

DavidsonMorris offers a specialist repatriation service for returning assignees.

Given the investment made in the assignment, employers will generally want to retain the returning the employee, and their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Our HR professionals go beyond the administrative formalities of physical repatriation, and can employers in dealing with the challenges and risks associated with resettling employees as they readjust to life back home.

The service we provide is determined by your individual requirements, and can include:

  • Develop policies in support of repatriation & resettlement
  • Employee liaison
  • Support with temporary accommodation search
  • School search
  • Guidance on repatriation allowance
  • Employment contract review & variations
  • Expertise in immigration issues of repatriation

We help employers devise measures and initiatives to retain talent post-repatriation and re-integrate assignees effectively into the home country workplace to maximise return on the assignment investment. Typically this involves alignment of repatriation with talent management and career development programmes.

With advice from our employment lawyers, we can ensure any repatriation measures are compliant with the terms of the assignee’s employment contract, such as any obligation to find a suitable alternative role on return.

Where complaints or disputes arise, our employment law specialists can support you with advice on your legal options to defend a claim or negotiate a settlement and mutual agreement.

We can also handle immigration issues, with our team of immigration lawyers able to deal with visa and settlement queries and applications for returning employees and their families.

To discuss how our repatriation services could benefit your organisation and its returning employees, speak to our experts.

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