Working Offshore: UK Visa Guide

The end of EU free movement and the introduction of a new UK immigration system have impacted work visa options for migrant workers in the energy sector. In this article, we update on the latest immigration rules for offshore workers on the UK Continental Shelf.   What is the UK Continental Shelf? Offshore work in […]

Pre-Licence Priority Service Guide

Following the end of free movement between the UK and EU, the number of employers in the UK applying for a sponsor licence has significantly increased. This is because UK-based employers now need a sponsor licence to recruit any person who is not a settled worker or does not otherwise have appropriate immigration permission to […]

Post-Licence Priority Service Guidance

If your organisation has a sponsorship licence to employ migrant workers in the UK, you are required to meet certain compliance duties. This includes notifying the Home Office of certain changes relating to your organisation within certain timescales. UKVI’s post-licence priority service allows sponsors to apply for faster consideration of certain types of requests for […]

UK Sponsorship Reforms: 2021, 2022 & Beyond

Can I work while my visa application is being processed

With the introduction of the new points-based immigration system, the UK government has pledged to make a number of improvements to the work visa sponsorship process for sponsors and workers. Given the new immigration rules require UK employers to have a sponsorship licence to hire most non-UK residents, the imperative for reform of the system […]

Hiring Talent Under The UK Graduate Route

The UK welcomes hundreds of thousands of talented and high potential overseas students to universities, further education and English language colleges every year, creating a rich pool of international graduate talent from which employers can recruit the best and the brightest. But for UK employers, hiring international graduates has not always been straightforward in immigration […]

What Is Leave Outside The Rules?

The UK’s Immigration Rules are used to regulate permission to enter and remain in the UK of those subject to immigration control. To be eligible to come to or stay in the UK, an individual must show their Home Office application that they satisfy the criteria under the relevant immigration route, however there are limited […]

Eligibility to Work in the UK (Acceptable Documents)

Eligibility to work in the UK

UK employers have a legal obligation to check the eligibility to work of all individuals they employ. While it can be a challenge for employers to keep up to date with their immigration compliance duties under the prevention of illegal working regulations, failure to comply can result in Home Office enforcement action and in some […]

Sponsor Licence Expired?

sponsor licence expired

If your organisation’s sponsor licence has expired and it has not been renewed, you will need to take action quickly to regain status as a sponsor licence holder. Without a valid sponsor licence, you are not permitted to lawfully employ sponsored migrant workers. This leads to a number of immigration problems directly affecting the immigration […]

Right to Work Checks (Employer Guidance)

right to work checks

Right to Work Checks: Guidance for Employers  As a UK employer, you have a legal obligation to comply with the prevention of illegal working legislation. This requires you to conduct basic documentation checks on every UK-based employee to verify that any individual you employ has the requisite permission to perform the work on offer. In […]

Can I Work While My Visa Application Is Being Processed?

Can I work while my visa application is being processed

There is, unfortunately, no simple answer to the question ‘Can I work while my visa application is being processed?’. If you’ve applied to extend or change your work visa, you may be permitted to carry on working for your existing employer pending a decision from the UK Home Office, but this will depend on both […]