Skilled Worker Licence (How To Apply)

skilled worker licence

The end of EU freedom of movement on 31 December 2020 means EU and non-EU citizens coming to the UK from 2021 will subject to a new system of UK immigration rules. Eligibility to come to the UK for work will be on the basis of a Home Office application evidencing skills and points-based requirements, and will […]

UK Air Bridge Countries List

uk air bridge countries list

The UK government has confirmed a list of 60 countries that have been approved for travel and are to be excluded from the UK’s COVID-19 quarantine rules. Under the exemption, people travelling from any of the countries on the air bridge countries list will not have to self isolate for 14 days on arrival in […]

What is Pre Settled Status in the UK?

pre Settled Status

The following guide looks at the meaning of pre settled status in the UK for citizens of the EU, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, including how you and your family members can apply for settled status having first been granted pre settled status under the current rules.   What is pre settled status UK? […]

Settled Status Requirements: Eligibility & Applications

settled status requirements

To be granted settled status under the EU settlement scheme, an applicant must satisfy specific settled status requirements. These vary depending on where you are from originally, how long you have been resident in the UK and your immigration status within the UK at the time of application. This guide sets out the settled status […]

Right to Rent (Acceptable Documents Guide)

right to rent

The right to rent stems from a person’s right to live in the UK. It follows from a person’s immigration status – if they do not have the right to live in the UK then they do not have the right to rent a property in the UK either. Landlords renting out private rented accommodation, […]

Applying for a UK Visa from Hong Kong

uk visa hong kong

If you’re a Hong Kong citizen and want to apply for a visa to visit the UK, the following guide looks at the different types of UK visa, when these are needed and the application process for obtaining a visa.   UK visa Hong Kong: What about British nationals overseas? For a citizen who holds […]

Apply for British Citizenship with Settled Status?

british citizenship with settled status

One of the common questions we are asked by EU citizens living in the UK is “Can I Apply for British Citizenship with Settled Status?”. Put very simply, it is possible where the applicant is eligible and they can provide robust evidence they meet the various stringent requirements for naturalisation – including the strict residency […]

British Citizenship For BNO Passport Holders in Hong Kong

British citizenship for 
British Overseas Nationals
in Hong Kong?

The UK Prime Minister has stated that BNO passport holders in Hong Kong may be given a path to British citizenship, should the Chinese Government proceed with passing new security laws.   Possible changes to BNO passport holder rights Boris Johnson has written in The Times (3 June 2020) that the Government would seek to […]

Travelling to the UK (Quarantine Rules)

travel to the uk quarantine rules

As part of the Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy, a range of new measures are being introduced at the UK border affecting all international arrivals. This includes the introduction of new quarantine rules for those travelling to the UK.   COVID-19 border measures The new rules take effect from 8 June 2020 and will apply at […]

UK Visas Extended Due to Coronavirus

uk visas extended due to covid 19

The Home Office has confirmed that UK visa holders currently unable to leave the UK due to the coronavirus outbreak can apply to have their visas extended until 31 July 2020. This is a further extension on the previous extended date of 31 May 2020. If you have already applied to have your visa extended to […]