Immigration Health Surcharge – How does it Work?

immigration health surcharge

You may need to pay a healthcare surcharge, called the ‘immigration health surcharge’ (IHS), as part of your UK immigration application. You will then be able to use the National Health Service (NHS). You will however still need to pay for certain types of services, such as prescriptions, dental treatment and eye tests.   How much […]

Employer Checking Service (Guide for HR)

employer checking service

Since January 2019, employers have been able, in certain circumstances, to rely entirely on the Home Office’s online employer checking service to conduct right to work checks and avoid allegations of non-compliance. The checking service does not, however, apply in all cases and it will be important for employers, HR and those responsible for performing […]

UK Visa Processing Times (Latest from UKVI)

uk visa processing times

UK visa processing times continue to be affected by the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. Visa applicants are advised to take guidance on the current processing timescales for their specific type of application as these may be longer than under normal circumstances.   UK visa processing during the Coronavirus outbreak In-country processing As visa processing […]

Employees Remote Working from Overseas

Employees working remotely from overseas

With remote working now advised by the UK Government wherever possible, and the end of the Brexit transition period imminent, we are receiving queries from employers who have been asked by non-UK national employees about relocating to their home country and working remotely from overseas. In cases where an employee is a migrant worker from […]

UK Academic Visitor Visa Guidance

A number of visa routes are available to overseas academics coming to the UK. If you are not sponsored, you may need to apply for what’s known as an Academic Visitor Visa. The following article provides guidance on various different aspects of applying under this category of visa, from eligibility requirements and what activities you […]

Frontier Worker Permit (Employer FAQs)

Frontier workers are individuals who work in one country while their primary residence is in another. EU freedom of movement has enabled frontier workers to come and go between the UK and EU member states without being subject to immigration control. However, under the new rules coming into force in the UK in 2021, non-UK […]

UK Visitor Visa Refusal (How to Reapply)

If you need a visa to visit the UK, you will need to satisfy the necessary requirements for the UK visitor visa, or you will be refused permission. The following guide looks at common reasons for a UK visitor visa refusal, and if your visitor visa application has been refused, what steps you can take […]

UK’s New Immigration Rules from 2021

uk points-based immigration system

The UK’s new immigration rules take effect from 1 January 2021. How will the new system impact employers?   Post Brexit Immigration Under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement, the UK officially left the European Union on 31 January 2020. A transition period was agreed until 31 December 2020, to allow the UK government to […]

Business Visitor Visa UK

Business visitor visa

The UK business visitor visa is generally preferred by business travelling employees and their employers since the application process is typically less onerous than other work visa routes. However, the rules on permissible activities under this visa are restrictive, and border officials have powers to question individuals travelling to the UK under the business visitor […]

UK Immigration Rules for Visitors

If you are considering visiting the UK for leisure or tourism, for business purposes, to take part in sports or creative events or for private medical treatment, you will need to know how the UK’s immigration rules apply to you. Below we look at the UK Immigration Rules for visitors, from the type of visa […]