Recruiting Social Care Workers from Overseas

Changes to the Shortage Occupation List have been announced to help address staffing shortages within the UK health and social care sector. Under the new rules, care providers can employ non-UK workers from overseas through the visa sponsorship process in roles including Care Assistants, Care Workers, Carers, Home Care Assistants, Home Carers and Nursing Home […]

Home Office Sponsor Action Plans Explained

The following guidance for UK-sponsors examines the Home Office enforcement process for non-compliance with your sponsorship duties, including the various stages involved in that process if you’re suspected of being, or proven to be, in breach of UK sponsorship rules.   What is a Home Office sponsor action plan? If you successfully apply for a […]

Sponsor Licence Application Guide 2022

Making a Sponsor Licence Application - Essential Guide

You need a sponsor licence to employ most types of workers from outside the UK, including Skilled Visa workers. To secure a UK visa sponsorship licence, you will need to make an application to the Home Office and pay the relevant fees. The Home Office will only grant a sponsor licence to an organisation that […]

Spouse Visa Extension Rules 2022

spouse visa extension

If you are a UK spouse visa holder and your period of leave is due to expire, you will need to apply for a spouse visa extension to remain in the country with your partner. The spouse visa extension application can be just as rigorous and demanding as your initial visa application. You will again […]

British Citizenship Fees 2022

When applying for UK naturalisation, one of the key considerations will be cost and how much you will need to pay in British Citizenship fees. In 2022, it costs £1,330 to make an application to naturalise as a British citizen. This includes the fee for the citizenship ceremony.   British citizenship fees 2021 The table below details […]

UK Visa Fees 2022

uk visa fees

What are the current UK Visa Fees? The Home Office charges UK visa applicants a fee to process their application. How much you need to pay will depend on which type of visa you are applying for, and where you are applying from. If you are making an application to the Home Office, use the […]

Register of Licensed Sponsors List 2022

tier 2 sponsor list

The Register of Licensed Sponsors, previously known as the Tier 2 sponsor list, is a public list of all UK organisations which hold a valid sponsorship licence. The Home Office maintains the sponsorship list to identify all employers that have the required permission to employ sponsored workers under routes such as the Skilled Worker visa, Intra-Company […]

Appendix English Language Guide 2022

Appendix English Language was introduced as part of the UK’s post-Brexit overhaul of the immigration system, along with other key changes to routes into the UK for migrant workers. When applying for entry clearance or permission to remain in the UK, an individual will need to satisfy various eligibility requirements. For many routes, the requirements […]

Set M Form ILR Applicant Guidance 2022

set m form

The Set M form is used to apply for UK indefinite leave to remain (ILR) if you are the partner, parent or child of a person who is already settled in the UK or a British citizen. With ILR, you can live and work in the UK unrestricted by the length of stay and without immigration […]

UK Residence Card Guide 2022

UK immigration rules have been subject to extensive reform following Brexit and the end of EU freedom of movement. While the rights of most EU citizens and their relatives in the UK have not been immediately affected by the December 2020 reforms, from 30 June 2021 a number of rule changes will take effect and […]