Marriage Visitor Visa FAQs

A Marriage Visitor Visa is needed if you are a foreign national wanting to travel to the UK to get married or register a civil partnership, or to give notice of your intention to do so, and you intend to leave the UK at the end of your visit. This visa typically caters for individuals […]

Appendix D Sponsor Licence Records

One of the common areas of immigration compliance risk among sponsor licence holders relates to record keeping. Sponsor licence holders must retain the relevant documents as listed in Appendix D. In addition, HR systems for maintaining personnel records must be sufficient to facilitate easy access and availability for inspection on request – typically at short notice […]

UK Family Visa (Join Loved Ones in the UK)

A UK Family Visa is needed for foreign nationals to come to the UK to join a family member for a period of more than 6 months. Shorter stays will usually require a standard visitor visa. Who needs a UK family visa? You will need to apply for a UK family visa if: You are […]

Sponsor Management System: User Guide

Sponsor management system

As a licensed sponsor you are subject to a number of strict duties to ensure compliance with the UK Immigration Rules and to prevent illegal working. These duties include monitoring and reporting certain activities about sponsored workers and assigning certificates of sponsorship (CoS) to skilled visa workers. The Sponsor Management System (SMS) is the Home Office’s […]

Naturalisation Certificate (A Guide!)

The naturalisation certificate is issued to an individual as evidence that they have been granted British citizenship. Naturalisation certificates can be used to apply for a British passport (original form only is accepted), and for general identification purposes. Strict rules apply however in order for the certificate to be acceptable.   Lost or stolen naturalisation certificate? In the event […]

British Citizenship Test (A Guide!)

A mandatory requirement when applying to naturalise as a British citizen is that applicants pass the British citizenship test, as well as having a language qualification in English at B1 CEFR or higher, or its equivalent.   Is the British citizenship test different to the Life in the UK test? The British citizenship test and […]

UK Immigration Laws Overview

UK immigration laws determine who can enter the UK, who can stay and what they are permitted to do while they are here. This body of law is vast, disparate, complex and subject to frequent change. In addition to the legislation, UK immigration legal framework is further defined by extensive rules and guidance documents, which […]

Skilled Worker Change of Circumstances

skilled worker change of circumstances

One of the key requirements under the UK visa sponsorship rules is that the Home Office must be notified of certain changes of circumstances relating to skilled workers. If you are an employer of a sponsored migrant whose employment details have changed, or if you are working in the UK on a skilled worker visa […]

Immigration Health Surcharge – How does it Work?

immigration health surcharge

You may need to pay a healthcare surcharge, called the ‘immigration health surcharge’ (IHS), as part of your UK immigration application. You will then be able to use the National Health Service (NHS). You will however still need to pay for certain types of services, such as prescriptions, dental treatment and eye tests.   How much […]

UK Immigration Rules: Where Are We Now?

UK immigration rules

The UK Immigration Rules set out the policy and practice of the Home Office in regulating the entry and stay of migrants in the UK. The rules apply to all decisions made by immigration officers in relation to applications for entry clearance, leave to enter or remain, or variation of leave to enter or remain […]