Grievance at Work

If you have a workplace complaint, you may need to raise a formal grievance.

We support employees through the grievance process.

Grievance at work

For employees, it can be difficult in the circumstances to know how best to handle a workplace issue.

Employers and employees are expected to follow ACAS guidance on resolving grievance and disciplinary issues, but it can be easy to fall foul of best practice during such a stressful and complex process, which can make resolution less achievable.

Grievance at work: What you need to know

In the first instance, employees with a workplace complaint are generally encouraged to raise the issue informally with their line manager or supervisor. 

Likewise, employers are expected where possible to discuss concerns with employees before resorting to formal action.

If it is not possible or appropriate to take an informal approach to resolve an issue, or attempts have been made without a satisfactory outcome, employees may be able to raise a grievance. 

Employers must have internal procedures in place for handling grievance and disciplinary issues, which should follow the ACAS guidelines.

We can help

DavidsonMorris can help employees with all aspects of grievance and disciplinary issues.

We support employees from across the UK involved in a workplace complaint.

With early instruction, we can provide a full assessment of your case and advise on the options open to you. We will support and guide you through the process of raising a grievance, ensuring your legal rights are protected and enforced at every stage.

We can also identify if there is potential for a tribunal claim and whether, in the specific circumstances, initiating a settlement and a negotiated exit would be in your best interests.

We also advise workers and freelancers who may not be covered under the organisation’s grievance and disciplinary procedures.


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