Unfair Dismissal Claim

If your employer has dismissed you unfairly, you may be able to make a tribunal claim.

Our employment law specialists can help.

Unfair dismissal

Employees have a statutory right not to be dismissed unfairly, or they may be able to bring a tribunal claim against their employer.

The legal process of challenging your employer’s dismissal decision can be daunting and stressful for employees, adding to existing pressures of financial loss, finding new employment and dealing with the upset of losing your job in unpleasant circumstances.

If you think you have been unfairly dismissed, you will need to act quickly. Unfair dismissal claims have to be brought within three months of being dismissed. 

Making an unfair dismissal claim

Whether a dismissal was fair and lawful is dependent a number of factors, including the employer’s reason for dismissal, whether the employer was reasonable in relying on this reason to justify the dismissal and whether the employer followed a fair procedure in dismissing the employee.

In most cases you will only be eligible to claim for unfair dismissal if you are classed as an employee and you have worked for the employer for more than two years. 

We can help

If you think you have been unfairly dismissed, DavidsonMorris’ team of specialist employment lawyers can help.

We work with employees from across the UK to help them understand their rights and support them in making a claim for unfair dismissal compensation.

We will assess your eligibility to bring a claim and the merit of your case, examining your employer’s reason for dismissal and the process they followed in dismissing you.

We will support you at every stage, managing the claims process on your behalf and dealing with your employer, their representatives and the tribunal to minimise the impact on you and to help you seek legal redress for the unfair treatment.

In most cases, employees want to settle the matter quickly and avoid going to tribunal. We have extensive experience in negotiating settlement agreements to bring the matter to a close on terms favourable to you.


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