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Tier 1 Investor Visa Changes

Although the MAC Report is not a statement of new policy, it is an advisory document and the Home Secretary will be taking these proposed recommendations into consideration. The Government is expected to announce changes to the Immigration Rules to come into effect in April 2014.

In the past week alone, we have advised on, assisted with and submitted a substantially high number of Tier 1 Investor applications. We do urge and encourage anyone interested to apply as Tier 1 Investor under current immigration rules and regulations to do so as soon as possible and before 5th April to avoid any potential changes and repercussions.

With 20 years experience in immigration law, and particular expertise in the Investor and Entrepreneur routes since their inception, we are well placed to help you and would be delighted to do so. If you have questions, are interested to apply but unsure what to do, or would just like to have an exploratory conversation, talk to us by calling 020 7494 0118 or 01224 826 573.

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