Creative Worker Visa (Temporary Work) Guide

creative worker

The Creative Worker visa is for individuals to undertake temporary work in the UK within the creative sector. In this guide, we explain the requirements of the Creative Worker visa, as well as what this route allows and how to apply.   What is the Creative Worker visa?   If an overseas national has been […]

Skilled Worker Visa Costs (Sponsor’s Guide)

skilled worker visa costs

For any organisation sponsoring an individual, it will be important to understand the skilled worker visa costs that you will need to budget for. There are a number of fees that will be payable, both when hiring the skilled worker and on an ongoing basis. This article identifies the charges and fees that an employer […]

Skilled Worker Minimum Salary 2024


One of the more complex requirements for sponsoring individuals under the Skilled Worker visa is the minimum salary threshold. There is no single, universal Skilled Worker minimum salary threshold. The relevant minimum salary level must be identified using the latest Home Office guidance and ensuring the correct minimum level is used for the specific role […]

Skilled Worker Visa to ILR

skilled worker visa to ilr

Skilled worker visas are granted for up to 5 years. At the end of this period, to remain in the UK, you would either need to apply to extend your visa, or switch into a different visa category, or you may be eligible to apply to settle in the UK permanently. This is because the […]

Skilled Worker Visa Extension Guide

extending skilled worker visa

Skilled Worker visas are issued for a period of up to five years. To remain in the UK beyond this, the worker has to make an application for a Skilled Worker visa extension before their current visa expires to avoid overstaying. As with the initial visa application, the worker will need to show when they […]

Appendix Skilled Worker (Sponsor Guide)

employment law advice

Appendix Skilled Worker sets out the rules for skilled migrant workers to be sponsored under the UK’s Immigration Rules. The Skilled Worker route is the primary immigration route for overseas skilled workers looking to come to the UK, although an applicant must first meet various requirements to qualify for a visa under this route. These […]

Senior or Specialist Worker Visa Requirements

Senior or Specialist Worker requirements

The Senior or Specialist worker visa replaced the UK ICT visa for workers to transfer temporarily on assignment to the UK. In this guidance, we look in detail at the visa requirements, for both primary applicants and their family members, providing an overview of who is eligible and what this visa allows.   What is […]

Skilled Worker Visa Change of Employment

skilled worker change of employment

Skilled Worker visa holders will need to make an application to the Home Office to update their visa in the event of specific changes relating to their employment. Relevant changes in employment include: Changing job and changing employer Same employer but the job has changed to a different SOC occupation code Changing job with the […]

Immigration Salary List 2024

UK Immigration Salary List 

The Immigration Salary List (ISL) has replaced the Shortage Occupation List with effect from 4 April 2024. This change comes as a result of recommendations by the independent Migration Advisory Committee (MAC). In this guide to the UK Immigration Salary List, we share what we know to date about this new feature of visa sponsorship, […]

Recruiting Social Care Workers from Overseas

recruiting health social care workers

Under current rules, UK care providers are permitted to sponsor care workers from overseas under the Health & Care Worker visa. In this guide for employers we explain the current rules on hiring care workers from abroad and what you need to do to be able to recruit internationally. In a further boost to support […]