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Interview for Tier 4 Student Visa UK

Below is a copy of a letter sent by UKVI regarding an Interview for Tier 4 Student Visa UK.

“As you will be aware, we introduced a credibility assessment for Tier 4 applicants in the UK Autumn 2013. Since then we have been expanding the number of locations at which we can hold interviews across the UK. I am now writing to update you on progress made to date and provide you with more detail of how the interview process will work.

We now have 12 locations across the UK at which interviews can be conducted using a video link with interview staff in Sheffield. The locations are:  Belfast, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leicester, Nottingham, London and Birmingham and are managed by our delivery partner, VFS.

We will use the applicant’s sponsor location to identify the nearest interview centre to their study address wherever possible, although in some cases it may be necessary for the applicant to travel to the interview location. It is very important that the applicant attends the interview when they are invited to do so, as failure to attend may lead to their application being refused. We would recommend that applicants ensure that their applications are fully complete before submitting and that they promptly register their biometrics to ensure swift progression of their application.

An applicant may be invited for interview because we need to establish more information about their application. We may also randomly select applicants for interview.

The information obtained during the interview will be used as part of the wider caseworking assessment and no decision will be made during the interview. The applicant must be prepared to answer all questions about their application and immigration history fully during the interview.”

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