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Immigration Investment Programme Ireland – How Much to Invest?

The Ireland investor visa is growing in appeal to non-EEA nationals, as the UK prepares to exit from Europe and the requirements on the British equivalent scheme have been tightened in recent years.

Unlike equivalent schemes in other countries, the Ireland Investor Immigration Programme does not require you to invest the funds prior to making your application.

You only have to identify which investment option you intend to proceed with. The investment is then made once your application is approved.

Critical to your application will be assessing which investment option is right for you.

Investment Options for the Immigration Investment Programme Ireland

Enterprise Investment

Under the Enterprise Investment option, you can elect to invest a minimum of €1 million either into a single or multiple Ireland-based business(es) for at least three years.

The flexibility of this options comes as the enterprise can be a start up, set up by the investor, or existing, provided it is registered in Ireland.

There is an additional job creation requirement with this option and other stipulations as to the type of investment apply. For example, the investment cannot be made by a corporation, even if it is wholly owned by the applicant. Investment in property to rent, either residential or commercial, will also not qualify.

Investment Fund

The Investment Fund requires a minimum of €1 million to be invested in an INIS approved fund, for at least three years.

For INIS approval, certain conditions apply to the use of funds and the fund managers must be suitably experienced and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to conduct business in Ireland.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

Under the REIT option, a minimum investment of €2 million is to be made in any one or more Irish REITs listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. For a minimum period of three years, the number of shares in the REIT approved for qualification under the IIP must be retained by the investor even if their value rises above the €2 million original investment.


The endowment option permits contribution to be made, at a minimum of €500,000, to a project providing wider public benefit in the areas of arts, sports, health, culture or education. No return is to be made on the endowment funds. Where five or more investors pool their funds, the minimum threshold can be reduced to €400,000 per investor.

Do I have to prove the investment has performed to maintain my status? 

No, there is no evaluation of the return of performance of your investment. The sole requirement is that the full, stipulated investment amount has been committed for the required period into the approved investment option.

Do you have a question about the Immigration Investment Programme Ireland? 

If you are interested in attaining residency in Ireland by investment, the immigrant investor programme could be for you.

We can support you throughout the entire process, from initial guidance on the investment options through to compiling the application and – if applicable – advice during the five year residence period in preparation for naturalisation.

If you have any questions about the Ireland investor visa or for help with your application, contact us.


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