Vietnam Visa Free Travel for Some European Countries

In this article, we take you through details on travelling to Vietnam where citizens of Belarus, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom now enjoy visa free travel since 1 July 2015. Background Citizens of Belarus, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom are now be able to travel to Vietnam for up […]

United Arab Emirates Immigration Update

Over the past month a number of immigration changes have been implemented in the United Arab Emirates and to UAE Visas. The changes come as an attempt to create a smoother and more efficient process. One major change sees the implementation of the Universal Healthcare Law for companies employing 100 to 999 workers. Going Online […]

Schengen Visa Expansion – Trinidad and Tobago

Schengen Visa Expansion – Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago: Visa free travel to Europe Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago may now travel Schengen Visa free, for up to 6 months, to countries within the European Union (EU) and associated member states. So what does this mean for citizens and residents of Trinidad and Tobago […]

South African Work Permit – Travelling with Children

South African Work Permit – Travelling with Children   As of today – 1 June 2015 – those travelling to / from South Africa with children under the age of 18 will be asked to show a number of documents, such as an unabridged birth certificate, for each travelling child. The new rule comes from the South African […]

Changes to Subclass 457 visa Australia programme

Changes to Australian Subclass 457 visa programme Early in 2015, the federal government announced changes to Subclass 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) visas that would increase flexibility and reduce restrictions on visa holders whilst maintaining the integrity of the programme. In April 2015 the Australian government followed through with the promise and delivered a number of […]

Maltese Individual Investor Program (Malta IIP)

Malta has recently introduced the Maltese Individual Investor Program (Malta IIP) which will allow applicants and their dependents to obtain a Maltese citizenship. The programme is aimed at high net worth individuals who are able to buy/rent a property, contribute to the National Development and Social Fund and invest in government securities. Terms of the […]

Egypt Visas on Arrival Scrapped

As of May 15th 2015, travellers not on package tours to Egypt will need to apply in advance for permission to enter. Whereas, tourists travelling with registered tour operators and intend to stay for less than 15 days will be issued a visa-on-arrival. With the tourism industry in Egypt still recovering from the political events […]

Passport Exit Checks

With effect from 8 April 2015, passengers leaving the United Kingdom (UK) by Eurostar or ferry will be subject to passport exit checks and information recorded. The Home Office has reinstated its commitments to conducting 100% exit checks for passengers leaving the UK by introducing exit checks to the Eurotunnel and ferry operators on 8 […]

UK Single Visit Visa for Indian Nationals

Indian nationals can now travel to the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland on a single visit visa when travelling on some short stay and visitor visas and will no longer require a separate visa when travelling between the two countries. The UK Single Visit Visa for Indian Nationals scheme includes the following short stay and visitor […]

Venezuela Visa for US Citizens

Last week, the Government of Venezuela had announced that US citizens travelling to Venezuela would now require a visa to enter their country with further information being added to the Venezuelan Government’s Immigration website Previously, US citizens were included on a list of countries that were exempted from requiring a visa to enter Venezuela […]