Innovator Founder Visa Endorsement Guide

Under the rules of the UK’s Innovator Founder visa, applicants must first secure endorsement for their business before they can apply to the Home Office for their visa. In this innovator founder visa endorsement guide, we look at the requirements you will need to meet to be endorsed for your business idea.   What is […]

Sponsor Licence Duties & Compliance Guide

Sponsor licence duties

Sponsor licences permit organisations to access the global talent market and recruit skilled non-UK resident workers – but they come with onerous compliance duties for the employer/sponsor. Fundamentally, the purpose of these duties is to place an onus on employers to play their part in preventing illegal working in the UK. Meeting your duties as […]

Hybrid & Remote Working: Sponsored Visa & Overseas Workers

impact of remote & hybrid working on visa sponsorship

One of the defining features of the UK’s post-pandemic economy is the widespread adoption of flexible working and the increased employment of overseas-based remote workers. Having sponsored a migrant worker to undertake work in the UK, there are a number of legal considerations that must be taken into account by UK employers when implementing hybrid and […]

Sponsor Licence Change of Circumstances

sponsor licence change of circumstances

Given the business-critical nature of sponsoring migrant workers, careful and effective management of your sponsor licence is essential to avoid Home Office enforcement action that could impact your operations. As a UK sponsor licence holder, either under the Workers and Temporary Workers routes, you must ensure you have the necessary HR processes in place to maintain […]

How to Write your Innovator Founder Visa Business Plan

The innovator founder visa is a new immigration route that opened to applicants on 13 April 2023. This replaces the previous innovator and start-up visas, and is now the primary visa category for overseas entrepreneurs looking to set up an innovative business in the UK. However, even though this route introduces several favourable changes to […]

Types of UK Business Visa

There are various UK business visa options available to entrepreneurs, company owners and senior executives looking to come to the UK to do business. From the UK Visitor visa that can be used for general business purposes, such as attending meetings and conferences, to the UK Expansion Worker visa to establish a UK branch or […]

Appendix Skilled Worker (Sponsor Guide)

Appendix Skilled Worker sets out the rules for skilled migrant workers to be sponsored under the UK’s Immigration Rules. The Appendix details specific eligibility, suitability, validity requirements which must be met for an individual to be approved for a Skilled Worker visa, well as the rules for dependants and for sponsored workers to become eligible for ILR. […]

Appendix A Sponsor Licence Documents

Appendix A Sponsor Licence Supporting Documents

Appendix A supports the Home Office policy guidance on sponsoring a non-UK resident worker. It lists the documents you must provide as part of your organisation’s sponsor licence application to evidence eligibility for a sponsor licence under the Worker, Temporary Worker or Student routes. In most cases, you will need to provide at least four supporting […]

Priority Change of Circumstances for Sponsors

Under the Home Office’s Priority Change of Circumstance Service for Worker and Temporary Worker sponsors, A-rated sponsors are able to apply for faster consideration of certain types of change of circumstance requests by submitting an application via email. Importantly, the priority service relates only to the speed of processing and offers no guarantee that the […]

Working Offshore: UK Visa Guide

offshore work

What are the visa options and immigration considerations for offshore workers on the UK Continental Shelf?   What is the UK Continental Shelf? Offshore work in the UK refers to employment on any oil, gas, wind and other installations wholly at sea and fixed to the sea bed on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). The […]