Creative Worker Visa (Temporary Work) Guide

The Creative Worker visa us for individuals to undertake temporary work in the UK within the creative sector. In this guide, we explain the requirements of the Creative Worker visa, as well as what this route allows and how to apply.   What is the Creative Worker visa? If an overseas national has been offered […]

UK Expansion Worker Visa Requirements

The UK Expansion Visa allows overseas companies to deploy key personnel to the UK to set up operations and expand their business. The route is aimed at overseas companies without a trading presence in the UK that require senior personnel to establish their business in the UK. Eligibility under the expansion worker route requires both […]

Register of Licensed Sponsors List 2023

Register of Licensed Sponsors List

The Register of Licensed Sponsors, previously known as the Tier 2 sponsor list, is a public list of all UK organisations which hold a valid sponsorship licence. The Home Office maintains the sponsorship list to identify all employers that have the required permission to employ sponsored workers under routes such as the Skilled Worker visa and other […]

Senior or Specialist Worker Visa Requirements

With the recent launch of various new business immigration routes, overseas organisations looking to transfer staff to a subsidiary or branch in the UK must now be concentrating on the Global Business Mobility visa senior or specialist worker eligibility requirements. In this guidance, we look in detail at these requirements, for both primary applicants and […]

Digital Right to Work Checks

Digital Right to Work Checks

As a UK employer, you are under a duty to prevent illegal working by ensuring that those you recruit, and remain in your employment, have the right to work in the UK and undertake the work on offer. The following guide sets out the new rules on digital right to work checks. We also examine […]

Business Visitor Visa UK

UK immigration rules for business visitors

The UK business visitor visa is generally preferred by business travelling employees and their employers since the application process is typically less onerous than other work visa routes. However, the rules on permissible activities under this visa are restrictive, and border officials have powers to question individuals travelling to the UK under the business visitor […]

Defined & Undefined Certificates of Sponsorship

defined and undefined certificates of sponsorship

The Certificate of Sponsorship plays an important role in the UK’s work visa sponsorship system. One of the requirements of sponsored work routes such as the Skilled Worker visa and Global Business Mobility visas is that the applicant has a valid Certificate of Sponsorship from a licensed employer. The Certificate of Sponsorship is a reference number, and […]

UK Youth Mobility Visa Scheme

uk youth mobility visa

The UK’s youth mobility visa scheme allows eligible workers under the age of 30 to experience life in the UK for up to two years, while for nationals of New Zealand, the scheme will be extended to those aged 18 to 35 to work in the UK for up to three years from 29 June […]

Skilled Worker Visa Going Rate

skilled worker visa

One of the eligibility requirements under the Skilled Worker Visa route is that the role being recruited for pays at or above the relevant minimum salary threshold. In most cases, the threshold will be £26,200 per year, unless the ‘going rate’ for the particular role is higher. Each job eligible for the Skilled Worker visa is assigned a […]

Skilled Worker Minimum Salary 2023

One of the more complex requirements for sponsoring individuals under the Skilled Worker visa is the minimum salary threshold. There is no single, universal Skilled Worker minimum salary threshold. Rather, the relevant level must be determined by applying the immigration rules and Home Office guidance, and ensuring the correct salary level is calculated. Skilled Worker […]