Mutuality of Obligation: Employers’ Guide

mutuality of obligation

Under UK law, an individual’s employment status determines their workplace rights and entitlements, as well as the obligations of their employer. Understanding the rules around employment status can be important in establishing the respective rights and responsibilities of the employer and the individual presenting for work, where there are a number of legal tests to […]

ACAS Opens Consultation on Predictable Working

extend probation period

ACAS has launched a public consultation on its draft code of practice for responding to requests for predictable work schedules. The draft statutory code outlines the procedures that employers must follow when responding to requests for more consistent working schedules or hours. These procedures include the practical considerations employers should take into account when handling […]

Making Someone Redundant During Maternity Leave

Redundancy During Maternity Leave

Redundancy is rarely straightforward, but the process presents additional if any of the affected employees are on maternity leave. The law recognises the vulnerable position of pregnant workers and those on maternity leave and affords them specific legal protections. This does not mean you cannot make workers redundant while on maternity, but employers have to […]

Increase in National Living Wage from April 2024

increase in NLW

The National Living Wage (NLW) will increase to over £11 an hour from April 2024, up from £10.42 an hour for the current financial year 2023/2024, the UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has confirmed. The rise takes the NLW to two-thirds of average earnings and would mean the annual earnings of a full-time worker on the […]

Monitoring Employees: What Employers Need to Know

monitoring employees

Monitoring employees can be an effective way for employers to safeguard their staff from unsafe working practices or the threat of crime. Monitoring can also be used to ensure that staff are conducting themselves in accordance with workplace rules and, in limited cases, to prove misconduct in the context of disciplinary action. The use of […]

Bereavement Leave Guide for Employers

bereavement leave

When a staff member loses a loved on, employers are in the position of balancing compassion and support while ensuring minimal disruption to operations. This generally means giving the employee some time off work to grieve and to make necessary arrangements. The law itself offers little clarity on bereavement leave – except in the case […]

Can Employees Go On Holiday While Off Sick?

Ordinarily, you would not expect an employee to be going on holiday while on sick leave. In many cases, this would serve to undermine the extent of any reported illness or injury, providing grounds for disciplinary action or even dismissal where this is indicative of malingering. Still, there may be cases when going on holiday […]

Can You Make an Employee Pay for Damages?

Can You Make an Employee Pay for Damages

Damage to company property can result in unwanted costs, lost time and reduced working capacity. Employees can be entrusted with many different types of company property in the course of their employment, from company uniform, to laptops, mobile phones and company cars. While accidents can happen, employers may be able to recoup the cost to […]

Company in Administration Employee Rights

Company in Administration Employee Rights

If your company goes into administration you will need to know about the rights of your employees and your liability for any outstanding monies owed to them on termination or transfer of their employment. It is also important that your employees know exactly where they stand with regard to their pay, pension and workplace rights, […]

Rolled Up Holiday Pay (Employer FAQs)

rolled up holiday pay

All workers in the UK have a right to holiday pay; one week’s pay for each week of statutory leave. The amount to which they are entitled is calculated by reference to the hours worked and how they are usually paid. For fixed hour workers, this is a fairly simple process, but for casual and […]