Responding to a Flexible Working Request

how to request flexible working

Flexible working arrangements can not only be beneficial for those employees looking for a better work/life balance, but also for the employer’s business. Happier and healthier employees can lead to increased performance and productivity, not to mention reduced absenteeism and staff turnover rates. It is therefore important for employers to understand an employee’s rights when […]

Employee Signed Off Work with Stress?

Employee signed off work with stress

Stress-related sickness absence has become increasingly prevalent in the workplace. Employers face a balancing act between supporting their employees’ wellbeing while minimising the risk of operational disruption and impact on other employees resulting from individuals being signed off work with stress. The following guide examines the rights and responsibilities of employees who are absent due […]

Mutuality of Obligation & Worker Status

Mutuality of obligation is an important concept in employment law, as it forms a key part of the criteria used by tribunals for determining the employment status of an individual. Below we examine this concept in more detail, including how this is applied in the context of HMRC’s IR35 off-payroll working rules.   What is […]

Collective Bargaining & Agreements

The following guide examines the process of collective bargaining from an employer’s perspective, from the different types of collective bargaining and union recognition within the workplace, to how best to approach collective bargaining negotiations with a recognised trade union.   What is collective bargaining? Collective bargaining is the official process by which representatives of trade […]

Redeployment Rights & Redundancy

Redeployment Rights

During the redundancy process, one of the requirements on the employer is to explore all suitable alternatives to making someone redundant. This could include considering options to redeploy the worker to a different role or a different part of the organisation. Redeployment, however, a complex area of the redundancy process, and employers must approach this […]

Custom And Practice In Employment Contracts

custom and practice

The relationship between an employer and their employees should be set out in the employment contract. However, while a vital component of the employment relationship, the employment contract is not the only source of the parties’ rights and duties. Implied terms, including those arising as a result of custom and practice, can form part of […]

Unfair Dismissal & Zero Hours Contracts

While zero-hours arrangements can bring flexibility and agility to an organisation, employers should be aware that those individuals engaged on zero-hours contracts do benefit from a range of employment law protections.  These include rights and entitlements relating to pay, paid annual leave and rest breaks. Furthermore, individuals on zero hours contracts may also have the […]

Can Employees Work During Maternity Leave?

In this guide for employers, we look at what the law says about employees working during maternity leave, and when this can impact their maternity entitlements.   Employee maternity rights  All qualifying employees have a statutory right to 52 weeks’ maternity leave. This is divided into ordinary maternity leave, covering the first 26 weeks, and […]

Workplace Stress: Employer’s Duty of Care

employers duty of care stress

Employers are under a legal duty to assess the risk of workplace stress for their workers and to take appropriate action to ensure their wellbeing. In addition to meeting the duty of care, employers should be concerned with the wider implications of work-related stress. Stress can significantly impact a business and its workforce, affecting absence, performance and […]

HR1 Form: Redundancy Notification

hr1 form redundancy notice

If your organisation has to make more than 20 people redundant, the Secretary of State must be notified of this intention. Failure to do so without justification may result in prosecution and/or a fine for the company or any of its officers. Advance notification of the redundancies is made using the HR1 Form. If you are […]