Dismissal for Sickness Absence (Employer Guidance!)

10 minute read Last updated: 24th September 2019 Where an employee remains on long-term sick leave or has a recurring pattern of time off work due to illness, you may have grounds for lawful dismissal for sickness absence, provided specific criteria are met. Employers, however, should proceed with caution and take advice to avoid risking […]

Dealing with Gross Misconduct

dealing with gross misconduct

Gross misconduct refers to conduct, actions or behaviour from an employee that is sufficiently serious to justify instant dismissal. Responding to allegations of gross misconduct and taking disciplinary action against an employee is fraught with legal risk. While it may be instinctive in some circumstances to dismiss an employee immediately as a result of gross […]

What Constitutes Gross Misconduct?

What constitutes gross misconduct in the workplace is a common question and it refers to serious behaviour or conduct by an employee that falls below the expected standards and damages the contractual relationship between the employer and the employee. In instances of gross misconduct, an employer may be justified in dismissing the employee without notice, […]