Written Warning (Disciplinary Guide)

An employer can give a written warning to an employee where they have breached the organisation’s disciplinary code, or their work or conduct has fallen short of what is expected. Employers however have to ensure they follow a fair and lawful disciplinary process to avoid the risk of tribunal claims. This guide offers employers further […]

Summary Dismissal (Fair Procedure Guide)

summary dismissal

Dismissing an employee without notice, or payment in lieu of notice, requires employers to proceed with caution, not least to minimise the risk of a claim for unfair or wrongful dismissal. The following guide examines the law relating to summary dismissal, with practical advice on the procedures you will need to follow for the dismissal […]

Verbal Warning at Work Procedure

verbal warning

The following guide looks at the process that should be followed when a verbal warning at work is issued, including what constitutes a legally recognised warning within the context of fair disciplinary proceedings.   What is a verbal warning? In circumstances where an employer has concerns about an employee’s conduct and/or performance at work, it […]

Dealing With Insubordination At Work

insubordination at work

Insubordination at work can be a serious matter, given its effect of damaging working relationships, undermining organisational authority and the potential to impact wider team morale. In this guide, we look at what insubordination at work means, with common examples of workplace insubordination and how employers should deal with employee insubordination.   What is insubordination […]

Recording Conversations at Work (HR Guide)

secret recording gross misconduct

Is making a covert recording in the workplace sufficiently serious to justify instant dismissal? As the likelihood and occurrence of secret recordings in the workplace grows, it has become good risk management practice for employers to take pre-emptive measures to deter secret recordings and to provide clarity to the workforce on the organisation’s expectations and […]

Misconduct at Work (How to Deal with it!)

dealing with misconduct at work

8 minute read Last updated: 31st October 2019   Misconduct at work relates to behaviour deemed by an employer to be unacceptable in the workplace environment.   This article covers: Disciplinary and grievance policy Disciplinary procedure What should a disciplinary policy include? Awareness & training Misconduct can have the effect of damaging a business’ reputation […]

Capability Dismissal (Guide for HR)

10 minute read Last updated: 22nd October 2019   A capability dismissal refers to an employer terminating an employment contract on the basis of poor performance where they have a reasonable belief that the employee is unable to carry out the duties required of them to the expected standards. Employers are permitted to lawfully dismiss […]

Dismiss For Poor Performance (Steps To Take)

8 minute read Last updated: 21st October 2019   Before an employer can lawfully dismiss an employee for poor performance, they must first show they have followed a process to allow the employee the opportunity to improve and meet the standards required in their role. Failure to manage poor f   This article covers: Knowing […]

Disciplinary Hearing (A Guide for Employers!)

disciplinary hearing

13 minute read Last updated: 15th October 2019   Under ACAS guidelines, before an employer can dismiss or sanction an employee for a disciplinary issue, the employer should first hold a disciplinary hearing with the employee. The meeting must be managed correctly to avoid allegations that the employer failed to handle the disciplinary process fairly […]

Dealing With Long Term Sickness Absence

7 minute read Last updated: 10th October 2019 Long term sickness absence requires careful management by employers. It is a balancing act between supporting the employee’s recovery and return to good health while minimising operational and performance disruption and mitigating legal risk exposure.   This article covers: What constitutes long term sickness? Managing long term […]