COVID-19 & Holiday Entitlement (HR Guide)

coronavirus holiday carry over rules

Various new employment regulations have been introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic, all with the intention of helping businesses and the workforce cope with the effects of the outbreak, whether from a social or economic perspective. Here, we focus on the introduction by the UK Government of new regulations, which relax the current rules […]

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (HR Guide)

coronavirus job retention scheme

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has been introduced by the Government in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Designed to help employers stave off redundancies, the CJRS is currently being set up to fund wages of those workers who would otherwise be unemployed as a direct consequence of the crisis.   What is the Coronavirus […]

Compulsory Redundancy (Employer Guidance)

compulsory redundancy

To ensure the survival of your business you may find yourself forced to make financial cuts, including reducing your payroll liabilities. Alternatively, your organisation may have undergone a complete restructure, or you may have invested in new technology, making certain roles obsolete. Whatever the business driver behind redundancy, employers must in all cases follow a […]

Changing Worker Contract Terms (Coronavirus FAQs)

coronavirus workforce changes DM

The coronavirus outbreak is forcing employers to make difficult decisions and actions in respect of their workforce. While the Government introduces emergency schemes to avert widescale layoffs and redundancies, employers need to be aware of the employment law implications of making changes to a worker’s contract terms. We look at some frequently asked questions from […]

Time Off For Dependants (Coronavirus HR Guide)

coronavirus dependency leave

This article was first published before the Government extended the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to include carers  With the coronavirus crisis affecting the UK as a whole, and following the closure of UK schools from 23 March 2020, increasing numbers of workers are having to request time off work to care for dependants. Employers have […]

Homeworking During Lockdown (HR Advice)

coronavirus advice for employers

The UK Government has placed the country on official lockdown from 23 March 2020. Under the new rules, members of the public must not leave their house except to: Travel to and from work if impossible to work from home Shop for essentials, as infrequently as possible Exercise outdoors once per day, alone or with […]

Unpaid Leave (HR Guide to Employees’ Rights)

unpaid leave

Unpaid leave is where an employee takes time off from their job without pay. In some situations, as in the case of time off to care for a dependent in an emergency, you must grant the time off, although you can decide whether it is paid or unpaid. In other situations, such as a request […]

Coronavirus Advice for Employers

coronavirus advice for employers

Coronavirus advice for employers The outbreak of coronavirus in the UK raises a number of issues for employers across employment, immigration and health & safety. We are updating this article with the latest coronavirus advice for employers to help manage and contain the risks relating to Covid-19 and protect your people and your business.   […]

Written Warning (Disciplinary Guide)

An employer can give a written warning to an employee where they have breached the organisation’s disciplinary code, or their work or conduct has fallen short of what is expected. Employers however have to ensure they follow a fair and lawful disciplinary process to avoid the risk of tribunal claims. This guide offers employers further […]

Redundancy Process (Making Staff Redundant)

redundancy process

When making staff redundant, employers should follow a fair legal process that upholds employees’ rights while protecting the organisation from risks such as unfair dismissal claims. Throughout the process, the employer has to show compliance with the law and that they have exhausted all other options before terminating an employee’s contract through redundancy. In outline […]