Last In First Out (Fair Redundancy?)

last in first out

When making redundancies, part of the requirements on employers is to ensure fair selection criteria are identified and used so as to avoid acting unfairly and unlawfully. The ‘last in first out’ method was once one of the most common ways of selecting employees for redundancy, but does it remain a valid and lawful way […]

Redundancy Consultation Period (HR Advice)

redundancy consultation period

Specific processes and rules apply if your business is having to make employees redundant. These determine how you should consult with workers that may be affected and how long the redundancy consultation period needs to be. Get the process wrong, and as an employer you could face costly tribunal claims for unfair dismissal.   What […]

ACAS Shared Parental Leave (Employer Guide)

acas shared parental leave

Eligible employees are entitled to take time off work as shared parental leave (SPL). As an employer you will need to understand the statutory rights and responsibilities of your employees in relation to SPL and what this means for your business in practice when handling a request for SPL. Further, in accordance with best practice, […]

Managing Absences (Coronavirus Guide for HR)

managing absences coronavirus

The disruption to business caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is unprecedented. In this article, we consider various scenarios in which an employee may be absent from work and what are their rights during those periods, with practical guidance for employers managing absences due to the coronavirus crisis.   Sickness absence due to coronavirus  If an […]

Redundancy Notice Period (Employers’ Guide)

Redundancy notice 

As a consequence of the social distancing and lockdown rules relating to COVID-19 imposed by the UK government, many companies and organisations will no longer be able to operate or provide their staff with any work to do. This may mean, as with many other employers, that you are considering redundancy as a potential option […]

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (HR Guide)

coronavirus job retention scheme

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has been introduced by the Government in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Designed to help employers stave off redundancies, the CJRS is currently being set up to fund wages of those workers who would otherwise be unemployed as a direct consequence of the crisis.   What is the Coronavirus […]

COVID-19 & Holiday Entitlement (HR Guide)

coronavirus holiday carry over rules

Various new employment regulations have been introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic, all with the intention of helping businesses and the workforce cope with the effects of the outbreak, whether from a social or economic perspective. Here, we focus on the introduction by the UK Government of new regulations, which relax the current rules […]

Mobility Clause (Advice for Employers)

Mobility clauses can be a blessing and a curse. If drafted carefully and with thought, they can assist an employer to maintain its workforce if the workplace has to change location and so provide certainty in this regard. However, if the wording is drafted too widely, is unreasonable or the employer fails to adequately consider […]

Working From Home Policy (HR Guidelines)

Permitting employees to work from home is by no means a new concept for many companies and organisations, but the number of employees working from home in consequence of the coronavirus outbreak is unprecedented. For employers where homeworking has not previously been used, or at least not on such a large scale, it has become […]

Employment Case Law Update April 2020

A number of key employment law cases of significance for employers have recently been decided.   Vicarious liability WM Morrisons Supermarkets plc v Various Claimants [2020] UKSC 12 and Barclays v Various Claimants [2020] UKSC 13 On 1 April 2020 the Supreme Court handed down two judgments in Barclays Bank Plc v Various Claimants [2020] […]