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Academic Immigration Rankings

As the immigration law firm of choice for HR functions of a number of leading institutions we make a point of knowing what goes on in their lives outside immigration, but we also ensure we are aware where the top local and international academics are. Global movement within academic circles because of their niche specialist knowledge is common place, as is the mobility of visiting professors and guest speakers. As such, we are alive, aware and fine-tuned to the fluid nature of academia and the even greater fluidity and dexterity that is required of HR.

Institutions want to attract and retain this talent as soon as it is available, and unless we are talking coded acronyms for the next social or scientific breakthrough that will cure illnesses, bring peace in the Middle East, or just change the world altogether, academics who have poured years of time, sweat, blood and passion into becoming the top in their fields have no time or interest in seemingly trivial things like RLMT and CoS. The passport they bear doesn’t and shouldn’t matter, however, the UKVI feels differently.

To keep UK institutions in the leading rankings top international staff and academia need to be mobile; however, moving from one Top 500 institution to another will unfortunately not satisfy the Home Office requirements, so proper planning needs to be in place. Additionally, institutions must keep immaculate records of all staff to comply with prevention of illegal working provisions.

Firefighting is not our favourite type of instruction as we endorse the old adage ‘preventing is better than curing’, but we seem to do a lot of both, so should you need immediate assistance if the UKVI are intervening because of a breach, we’re here to advise you on the best course of action to protect your licence, your employees and your reputation. You can reach us on 020 7494 0118.

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