Workplace Harassment Claim

Employers have a duty to provide a safe and supportive workplace, free from harassment, bullying and victimisation.


What is workplace harassment?

No employee should have to suffer the distress of being harassed at work. Employers are under legal duties to take reasonable steps to protect their employees from workplace harassment.

Harassment can take many forms, from being the subject of malicious rumours and unfair treatment to being denied training or promotion opportunities.

If you are facing harassment at work, it can take a huge amount of courage and confidence to raise the issue. Taking early advice can ensure you follow the correct legal procedure and examine all options to achieve a resolution, whether that is resolving the issue informally, through formal internal procedures, negotiating a settlement or pursuing a tribunal claim.

Do you have a workplace harassment claim? We can help

Our specialists are here to help employees deal with workplace harassment.

We understand the distress that harassment can cause, and the importance of finding a way to resolve the issue quickly and in your best interests.

We will review the facts of your case to identify the legal basis for a bringing complaint, and will support you through the process, liaising where necessary with your employer and their representatives.

We are experienced in dealing with the evidentiary challenges of harassment cases, particularly where the employer responds with a defence of banter or constructive criticism.

Where resolution is not possible or realistic and there is legal merit to pursue a tribunal claim, we are experienced in negotiating exits and settlement agreements with terms agreeable to you. If settlement can’t be reached, we can guide you through the tribunal process from the early stages through to expert representation during the tribunal proceedings.

We also offer victimisation guidance if you have already taken action about harassment, such as making a grievance, and are subsequently treated unfairly as a direct result. 

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