Tier 2 Licence to Sponsor Workers

The Tier 2 licence is now called a Worker sponsor licence. This is a key requirement for employers looking to sponsor overseas workers. We are specialists in sponsorship licence applications.


Tier 2 licence replaced by Worker sponsor licence

Following the closure of the Tier 2 visa in 2020, and the introduction of a new set of rules for work visas, employers looking to sponsor skilled workers now generally need a Worker sponsor licence or a Temporary Worker sponsor licence.

The type of sponsor licence you need will depend on the type of workers you intend to hire. 


Need assistance with a sponsor licence? We can help

To apply for a sponsor licence, UK employers must prove that:

  • They are a genuine organisation operating lawfully in the UK.
  • Their key personnel named on the application are honest, dependable and reliable
  • They are aware of and capable of carrying out their sponsor duties ie they have appropriate human resources and recruitment systems and practices in place
  • They are offering genuine employment that meets the visa skill level and appropriate rates of pay

Companies must complete an online application and provide supporting documentation to meet the necessary evidentiary requirements. 

Failure to submit all required documents on time will result in an application being delayed or rejected, and further costs being incurred.

Following the receipt of these documents, the company may then be subject to a compliance visit from UK Visas and Immigration, who will assess whether or not to grant the licence.

DavidsonMorris are UK immigration experts. To discuss your options to sponsor overseas workers, and for details of the sponsor licence application process, contact us



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