Different Types of Pay Structures

different types pay structures

There are various different types of pay structures that can be implemented within an organisation, although the most suitable structure will depend on a number of factors including the nature and size of your business, the composition of the workforce, and the ways in which you want to incentivise and reward that workforce to meet […]

Absence Management: Best Practice For Employers

Time lost due to employee absence costs employers, both in relation to the unworked hours and in the time needed to manage the absence, arrange cover and provide support where required on the return to work. But absences from work are an inevitable part of running an organisation, where staff may be off work for […]

Emergency Time Off Work Rules

It’s a fact of life that employees may need to take time off work at some point to deal with an emergency. This could be time off work for family reasons or time off for medical reasons, or to attend a medical appointment for themselves or accompanying a dependant. Below we look at what the […]

Vaccination Policy (Employers’ Guide)

As organisations and individuals adapt to a new, post-pandemic normal, taking steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and infection has become a universal fact of life. For employers, this has created a specific legal obligation in light of their duty of care to safeguard the health & safety of employees, customers and visitors. […]