SMS Level 1 User Guide

The role of key personnel in managing an organisation’s sponsor licence can’t be underestimated in ensuring compliance with the employer’s duties under its sponsor licence. The management of the sponsorship licence is conducted through the sponsor management system and therefore it is essential that the key personnel, in particular any level 1 user(s), are able […]

Sponsor Licence with a Criminal Record?

When applying for a sponsor licence, your organisation will need to satisfy various suitability criteria, not least that those responsible for the day-to-day running of your business, including the key personnel assigned to use the sponsor management system, are all honest, dependable and reliable. The following guide is for UK employers and HR departments when […]

Sponsor Licence Application Refused?

sponsor licence application refused

If your sponsor licence application is refused or rejected by UKVI, this can have a hugely detrimental impact on your business operations and workforce planning. It is also likely to see your application fee lost. While there is no right to appeal if your sponsor licence application has been refused, other options may be open […]

Sponsor Licence: How Long Does it Take?

When applying to the Home Office for a sponsor licence, it is helpful for employers to understand how long the sponsor application takes to process. This can assist with planning recruitment and onboarding activity. The longer the processing time, the more likely there will be issues if a candidate has already been identified as they may […]

Sponsor Licence Key Personnel Duties

One of the requirements on sponsor licence holders is that they appoint key personnel to be responsibile for certain duties related to managing the organisation’s licence. Key personnel must be appointed into the following roles when making an application for a sponsor licence: Authorising Officer Key Contact Level 1 User   Once the sponsor licence […]

Authorising Officer SMS & Compliance Duties

Among the many compliance duties placed on sponsor licence holders is the requirement to nominate an ‘Authorising Officer’ as one of the key personnel roles. It will be critical for the individual holding this role to fully understand the extent and importance of their duties as the AO, since the Home Office can impose significant […]

Appendix D Sponsor Licence Records

appendix d sponsor licence

One of the common areas of immigration compliance risk among sponsor licence holders relates to record-keeping. Sponsor licence holders must retain the relevant documents as listed in Appendix D. Failure to comply with your sponsor duties, such as record-keeping, can lead to the sponsor licence being downgraded, suspended or even revoked. In turn, this can […]

Sponsor Licence Suspended? (Act Now!)

tier 2 sponsor licence suspended

If your organisation’s sponsor licence has been suspended, your next steps will be critical. Receiving a sponsor licence suspension notice from the Home Office is justifiable cause for concern. After the initial panic, your immediate thoughts might turn to how the suspension the impacts your sponsored workers’ visas? How do you respond to the allegations? […]

Sponsor Licence Revoked?

sponsor licence revoked

If an organisation with a sponsor licence does not satisfy the various compliance duties as required under the Immigration Rules, the Home Office has powers to take enforcement action. Where serious compliance breaches are alleged, the Home Office may send a notification letter stating that the organisation’s sponsor licence has been revoked or suspended pending […]

Appendix A Sponsor Licence Documents

Appendix A Sponsor Licence Supporting Documents

Appendix A supports the full Home Office policy guidance on sponsoring a non-UK resident worker. It lists the documents you must provide to support your application and evidence your organisation’s eligibility for a sponsor licence. In most cases, you will need to provide at least four supporting documents from those cited in Appendix A. The […]