How To Implement Hybrid Working

With the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and high employee demand to continue to work from home, at least for some of the time, hybrid working is likely to become increasingly common in UK workplaces. Understanding what this type of flexible working arrangement means for an organisation, legally speaking, can help the employer to manage and […]

What Is Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working offers a new workforce solution for employers adapting to the new, post-pandemic normal. The coronavirus pandemic caused employers to radically rethink traditional working arrangements. As we emerge from an extended period of enforced remote working, employers are reaching the conclusion that working from home or on a remote basis is both productive and […]

Developing a Corporate Immigration Policy

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An effective corporate immigration policy can help employers optimise their international recruitment, ensure legal compliance and provide a consistent and positive experience for their migrant workers. With an organisation-wide policy in place, you can help ensure all aspects of corporate immigration risks and responsibilities are assessed, implemented and managed in a way that is both […]

Optimising Value from Virtual Assignments

Optimising Value from Virtual Assignments

Over recent years, virtual assignments have seen growth in use due primarily to advancements in technology and to the escalating costs associated with physically deploying and relocating employees overseas to perform roles. While this development had been emerging progressively, the global pandemic of 2020 and resulting travel restrictions and social distancing regulations precipitated a cataclysmic […]