Skilled Worker Visa Going Rate

skilled worker visa going rate

One of the eligibility requirements under the Skilled Worker Visa route is that the role being recruited for pays the worker at least the relevant minimum salary threshold. Under the current rules, the minimum threshold for most skilled workers is £38,700 per year, unless the ‘going rate’ for the particular role is higher. A lower […]

Skilled Worker Minimum Salary 2024


One of the more complex requirements for sponsoring individuals under the Skilled Worker visa is the minimum salary threshold. There is no single, universal Skilled Worker minimum salary threshold. Rather, the relevant level must be determined by applying the immigration rules and Home Office guidance, and ensuring the correct salary level is calculated. Skilled Worker […]

ETA: Electronic Travel Authorisation for the UK

Under the UK’s Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme, certain travellers, including non-visa nationals, Creative Worker Concession holders and transiters, will have to secure authorisation in advance of coming to the UK. In this guide, we explain what the UK ETA is, who will need an ETA and how to apply. We also look at how […]

Further UK Visa Fee Increases Announced for 2024

pre licence priority service

Further increases to Home Office services have been confirmed by the Government. These increases follow the wide-ranging uplifts that took effect in October 2023, as well as the more recent increase in the Immigration Health Surcharge and the uplift in the minimum salary thresholds for Skilled Worker visas.   Increased UK visa & immigration fees […]

UKVI Contacting BRP Holders to Set Up eVisa Account by 31 Dec

overseas criminal record check

The Home Office has started to contact BRP holders in the UK, advising they will need to take action soon to ensure a smooth transition to the UK’s new eVisa system. eVisas act as digital proof of an individual’s UK immigration status and their rights to work, rent properties and access banking services in the […]

eVisa: Prove UK Immigration Status


eVisas are being brought in as proof of an individual’s immigration status in the UK. The UK’s immigration system is undergoing a process of digitisation, whereby the way in which visas are issued and the way you prove your status in the UK are changing. The most recent guidance about the eVisa roll-out was published […]

Minimum Salary Increases from 4 April 2024

skilled worker visa minimum salary threshold

Following its announcement in December 2023, the UK Government is increasing the minimum salary thresholds for a number of UK work visas with effect from 4 April 2024.   Skilled Worker Minimum Salary Increases   The minimum salary thresholds for a UK Skilled Worker visa application will rise from 4 April 2024 as follows:   […]

Government Commissions ‘Rapid Review’ into UK Graduate Route

Government Commissions 'Rapid Review' into UK Graduate Route

The UK Government has commissioned a ‘rapid review’ of the UK Graduate route to be conducted by the independent Migration Advisory Committee (MAC). In a letter to the MAC Chair Professor Brian Bell, dated 11 March 2024, the Home Secretary James Cleverly has directed the body to consider five key areas: Whether there is any proof […]

Employment Case Law Update February 2024

employment case law update

Read on for our monthly digest for employers on upcoming employment law changes and key, recent employment tribunal cases.   Increases in employment tribunal compensation limits from 6 April 2024 Individuals bringing employment tribunal claims in the UK will see a notable increase in the maximum compensation they can be awarded. Under the Employment Rights […]

Employment Tribunal Compensation Limits Increase From 6 April 2024

Increase in tribunal limits April 2024

Individuals bringing employment tribunal claims in the UK will see a notable increase in the maximum compensation they can be awarded. Under the Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2024, the following limits will apply from 6 April 2024:   Maximum compensatory award The maximum compensatory award rises from £105,707 to £115,115, allowing individuals to […]