Fire and Rehire Rules (Employers’ Guide)

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‘Fire and rehire’ refers to when an employer dismisses an employee and rehires them on new terms. Also known as dismissal and re-engagement, firing and rehiring is typically used by employers who wish to vary the terms of their employees’ contracts but could not do so by agreement because te new terms are typically less […]

Should You Put Employees On Garden Leave?

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Garden leave is used by employers as a protective measure to ensure that key employees exiting a business have a minimal impact on its reputation and ongoing success. That said, the use of garden leave does not come without cost and certain risks for the employer. In the following article, we examine the pros and […]

Using An Employee Non Disclosure Agreement

Under an employee non disclosure agreement, both parties are bound by confidentiality provisions, such as preventing the employee from disclosing certain specified information relating to the conduct of the employer or the termination of the employment contract. Non disclosure agreements (NDAs) and confidentiality provisions in the employment context have generated plenty of publicity over the […]

Furlough Redundancy Process Guide

Employers with workers on furlough must start to prepare for the end of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), which is fast approaching at the end of September. While many workers may be able to return to work and resume duties, the reality for some employers is that their furloughed workers may be at risk […]

Health & Safety Unfair Dismissal

A return to the workplace for many staff may raise health and safety concerns in light of the ongoing pandemic. In some cases, employees may even refuse to return to the workplace during this worrying time. The coronavirus presents a unique and unprecedented context for existing health & safety rules, which require employers to take […]

Do You Have to Offer a Redundancy Appeal?

The redundancy process should be fair at each stage to minimise the risk of tribunal claims. To what extent does this extend to a redundancy appeals procedure? The following guide for employers examines the benefits of providing a right to a redundancy appeal and the procedure that should be followed as a matter of best […]