UK Legal Working Temperatures

legal working temperatures

Ensuring the health and safety of your staff forms an important part of your duties as an employer, including taking steps to ensure a workplace that is neither too hot nor too cold. In this guide, we examine the rules on minimum and maximum workplace temperatures, providing employers with practical advice on the provision of […]

Long COVID Sickness Absence Guide

long covid sickness absence

For a growing number of people, coronavirus continues to cause a range of symptoms that last for several weeks or even months post-infection, leading to a diagnosis of long COVID. The symptoms can be so debilitating that it impacts their ability to work, resulting in long term sickness absence. The following guide for employers provides […]

Can Managers Refuse Holiday Requests?

Although workers are legally entitled to a certain amount of paid time off each year, employers reserve the ability to approve or refuse holiday requests. But dealing with requests for annual leave can easily become a headache for managers. Last-minute requests, employees making holiday arrangements before receiving permission and clashes when multiple personnel want to […]

Do Employees Have The Right To Disconnect?

do employees have the right to disconnect

The right to disconnect has become a much-debated employment issue in recent years. With remote working a pervasive practice since the pandemic, boundaries have increasingly blurred between work and home life for more workers than ever, resulting in growing cases of stress and burnout. This has raised questions over whether workers should be given a […]

Can Employers Make COVID Vaccinations Mandatory?

mandatory vaccination at work

Is a ‘no jab, no job’ policy lawful? The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted employers across the UK to reassess their health and safety practices to ensure their workplaces are clean and safe for their workforce, customers and visitors. This has resulted in strict hygiene measures being introduced to control the spread of coronavirus within the […]

Employment Law Rules For Night Shifts

Night shifts are a common feature in today’s economy. Understanding your workers’ rights and your responsibilities as an employer can help ensure your workforce stays safe and that you don’t fall foul of the employment laws on night working and working unsociable hours. The following guide for employers sets out the employment law on night […]

Compassionate Leave for Miscarriage

For employees who have suffered a miscarriage, time off work and the support they receive from their employer can be an important part of their recovery. But under current rules, employees who miscarry before the end of 24 weeks of pregnancy have no statutory to take maternity leave or claim maternity pay. Following stillbirth or […]

Different Employment Contract Types

An employment contract is an agreement outlining the conditions of an individual’s working relationship and arrangements, including rights, responsibilities, working hours, salary, any benefits, and holiday entitlement. It should preferably be in a written format and signed by both the employer and employee to act as a binding agreement and setting out the legal obligations […]

Can Employees Go On Holiday While Off Sick?

going on holiday while on sick leave

Ordinarily, you would not expect an employee to be going on holiday while on sick leave. In many cases this would serve to undermine the extent of any reported illness or injury, providing grounds for disciplinary action or even dismissal where this is indicative of malingering. Still, there may be cases in which going on […]

Preparing for the End of Furlough

End of furlough rules

The CJRS, or furlough scheme, is now scheduled to run until 30th September 2021. The scheme was previously due to end in October 2020 and then April 2021, but has been extended in light of the continued challenges of the pandemic and the mandatory closure of businesses in many sectors of the economy, including leisure, […]