Employment Case Law Update January 2024

Employment Case Law Update January 2024

Read on for our monthly digest for employers on upcoming employment law changes and key, recent employment tribunal cases.   Flexible working Miss Wilson v Financial Conduct Authority Miss Wilson had worked as a manager at the FCA since 2015. She had been working remotely from home on a full time basis since the beginning […]

Employment Case Law Update November 2023

does an employer have to give a reference

Read on for our monthly digest for employers on upcoming employment law changes and key, recent employment tribunal cases.   Unfair dismissal & Heat of the Moment Resignations Omar v Epping Forest District Citizens Advice This case involved Mr. Omar, who resigned verbally during a heated exchange with his line manager. Mr Omar subsequently sought […]

Rehabilitation of Offenders & Changes to Spent Conviction Rules

Section 193 of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022, which came into force on 28 October 2023, introduces significant amendments to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (ROA). These amendments aim to reduce the periods of time after which certain offences become ‘spent’ and no longer need to be disclosed by an individual […]

How to Avoid Employing Illegal Immigrants

Employers across all sectors may find themselves falling foul of immigration compliance and facing allegations of employing illegal immigrants. Under current immigration rules, employers operate under specific duties under the prevention of illegal working regime. Where employers are found to be in breach of their immigration compliance duties and are alleged to be employing illegal […]

Employer Checking Service (Guide for HR)

employer checking service

The Employer Checking Service is a Home Office tool for employers to use in certain circumstances to verify an individual’s right to work. There are, however, rules and limitations to using the employer checking service, making it important for employers, HR and those responsible for conducting an organisation’s right to work checks to understand how […]

Positive Verification Notice (Right to Work)

positive verification notice

To avoid civil penalties and the possibility of criminal prosecution, employers must verify that all of their workforce are eligible to work in the UK. There are several ways that this can be done, including manual document checks and online checks. In some circumstances, when an individual cannot provide the required documentation or digital confirmation, […]

British Citizenship Requirements

british citizenship requirements

There are several British citizenship requirements that must be met under the British Nationality Act (BNA) 1981 to prove your eligibility to naturalise as a British citizen. The following guide for applicants looks at each of the statutory requirements that must be met for a successful application for British citizenship. We also look at the […]

Grievance at Work Guide for Employers

grievance at work

There are various ways that a grievance at work can be dealt with, depending on the nature and severity of the issues being raised. In some cases, a relatively minor matter may be dealt with informally but, if not effectively resolved, this may need to be dealt with by way of a formal grievance procedure. […]

6 Steps To Pass A Home Office Inspection

pass home office compliance visit

A Home Office inspection can be a cause of real concern for employers. The Home Office has powers to investigate organisations to ensure they are meeting their obligations under the prevention of illegal working regime and if they are licensed sponsors, to ensure they are meeting their sponsor licence compliance duties. While immigration compliance may […]