E-1 Visa

The E-1 visa is for foreign nationals conducting substantial trade with the US.


Applicants for the E-1 visa must ensure they meet the strict eligibility requirements to avoid application delays or refusals.

Before an individual E-1 visa application can be filed, however, the enterprise that is undertaking the trading activity must first be registered as an E-1 business. Without professional guidance, the petitioning process can quickly become demanding on applicants, increasing the risk of adjudication issues.


What is an E-1 visa?

The E-1 Treaty trader visa allows foreign nationals of a ‘treaty nation’ to enter the US to carry out substantial trade.

As a nonimmigrant classification, you are admitted to the US solely to engage in international trade on your own behalf. The E-1 visa permits you to work legally in the US for a US organisation where more than 50 per cent of the business is trade between the US and your home country.

What you need to know about the E-1 visa for Treaty Traders

On an E-1 visa, you are permitted to travel in and out of the US without restrictions. You may remain in the US on a prolonged basis with unlimited two year extensions as long as you continue to meet the E-1 requirements. You are also allowed to bring your spouse and dependants to the US, and your spouse is allowed to work in the US.

The E-1 visa application process is however thorough. You must submit substantial supporting documentation and attend an interview to prove you meet the strict eligibility criteria.

With so much at stake, it is important to seek legal advice early on the immigration options open to you for your specific circumstances, to avoid delays and errors, and to ensure your case is effectively represented to the US Government.


Need assistance with an E-1 visa application?

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