UKVCAS Super Priority Service FAQs

UKVCAS super priority

Following suspension of certain fast-tracked visa processing services due to the humanitarian crisis caused by the invasion of Ukraine, the Home Office has now resumed Priority Visa (PV) and Super Priority Visa (SPV) services for certain visa routes, including work, visitor, family and student applications.   Priority service update  Priority processing is now open for sponsored […]

Permitted Paid Engagement Visa Guide 2023

permitted paid engagement visa

The UK visa application process can often be challenging for international entertainers who are planning to perform in the UK, but there are ways to improve prospects of making a successful application to the British Home Office. If you’re a professional performer, you will only be granted entry into the UK and the required permission […]

UK Visa Fees 2023

uk visa fees

What are the current UK Visa Fees? The Home Office charges UK visa applicants a fee to process their application. How much you need to pay will depend on which type of visa you are applying for, and where you are applying from. If you are making an application to the Home Office, use the […]

Refused Entry to UK?

It’s not uncommon for travellers to be refused entry to the UK at the border. Even if you are entitled to visa-free travel to the UK, or if have been granted a UK visa in advance of travel, you’re not guaranteed entry into the country. This is because UK border officials have the power to refuse […]

Long Term UK Visas

There are many reasons why you might want to apply for a long term UK visa, including to work, to do business, to do a course of study or to join your relatives. Under the UK’s Immigration Rules, there are various long term visa options for those looking to come to the UK to visit, […]

Can You Renew Your UK Visa Before It Expires?

As a foreign national living and working in the UK under a points-based system visa, you will need to renew your permission before your previous period of leave ends if you plan to extend your stay. Often, you can renew your visa from within the UK, as long as this is done prior to expiry […]

General Grounds for Refusal Explained

general grounds for refusal

When applying for either entry clearance or leave to remain in the UK, applicants must meet various suitability requirements and avoid general grounds for refusal. The suitability requirements are set out under the UK Immigration Rules. They apply to almost all immigration routes and are in addition to the specific validity and eligibility requirements of […]

Made a Mistake on Your UK Visa Application?

When applying for a UK visa, it’s important to provide the Home Office with information that is correct and comprehensive to avoid delays or issues with processing and to avoid a visa refusal. Mistakes can, however, happen. Once you realise you’ve made a mistake on your UK visa application, you should take steps to correct […]

UK Immigration Laws Overview

UK immigration laws determine who can enter the UK, who can stay and what they are permitted to do while they are here. This body of law is vast, disparate, complex and subject to frequent change. In addition to the legislation, UK immigration legal framework is further defined by extensive rules and guidance documents, which […]

Overstaying in the UK (Expired Visa Rules)

overstay in uk expired visa

If you remain in the UK after your visa or Home Office permission has expired, you may be considered an overstayer. Overstaying can result in a blemished immigration record, impacting any future UK immigration applications. The Home Office does not remind individuals of their visa expiry date. If you are unsure if you have overstayed, […]