Tier 4 Child Visa (Application Requirements)

If your child is a non-EEA national and you are looking for them to attend an independent fee-paying school in the UK, you will need to know the rules for the Tier 4 child visa. The following guidance for parents and legal guardians summarises the rules and requirements when making an application for a short-term […]

Tier 4 Compliance (Guide for Sponsors)

9 minute read Last updated: 15th November 2019   Tier 4 compliance presents an ongoing risk for sponsors of Tier 4 visa students. If an education provider wants to enrol international students for a period of longer than six months, they must become a Tier 4 sponsor. You only need a sponsor licence if the […]

Tier 4 Policy Guidance: Advice for Students

If you want to study in the UK and you are a national of a non-European Economic Area country or Switzerland, you will in most cases need to apply for a student visa, known as the Tier 4 visa. In this Tier 4 policy guidance, we explain the visa eligibility requirements and the application process […]

Tier 4 Visa

The Tier 4 Student visa enables international students to come to the UK and take advantage of the opportunities of an education in the UK. With some of the world’s leading and most prestigious universities, colleges and schools, the UK is a destination for many students seeking a first-class education. Where you choose to study […]

Tier 4 Sponsor Guidance (Sponsoring International Students)

If you are an educational provider wishing to apply for a licence to sponsor foreign students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland to come to the UK under Tier 4 of the points based system, read our Tier 4 sponsor guidance on what is required of sponsors enrolling international students. What is […]

Hiring Tier 4 International Students (Rules for Employers)

Hiring Tier 4 International Students

Tier 4 visa holders are generally permitted to work while in the UK, but restrictions do apply. Employers hiring Tier 4 international students must ensure these conditions are not breached through employment with their organisation and that immigration compliance duties are discharged through effective document checks.   Are Tier 4 students allowed to work? Tier […]

Can a Tier 4 Student Start a Business?

It is possible for a Tier 4 student to start a business in the UK? The Tier 4 visa has strict rules governing what international students can and cannot do during their period of leave in the UK. For example, Tier 4 students in the UK are not allowed to start a business, undertake business-related […]

Switching from Tier 4 to Tier 2: Guidance for Employers

tier 4 to tier 2

Recruiting international graduates: How employers can help new recruits switching from Tier 4 to Tier 2  UK employers are permitted to employ Tier 4 visa holders within certain restrictions and where the individual’s visa conditions allow. For example, where the Tier 4 visa holder is still studying, they may carry out paid employment for a […]

UK Registered Traveller Service expanded to 16 new countries

The Home Office has announced the expansion of its Registered Traveller Service to include 16 additional countries.  Membership will now be open to passengers from: Argentina Belize Brazil Brunei Chile Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Israel Malaysia Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Uruguay  The changes take effect Monday 21 November 2016. According to Home Secretary […]

Hiring International Students – Additional Document Checks

As well as the usual Right to Work checks that all employers should perform when hiring staff, there are additional document checks specifically relevant when hiring international students holding Tier 4 (Student) Visas. Employers must carry out prescribed document checks in order to avail themselves of the ‘statutory excuse’ and avoid the possibility of a civil penalty for illegal employment […]