Student Visa Dependant Rules From 1 January 2024

With effect from today, 1 January 2024, most international students are now no longer allowed to bring family members with them to the UK as dependants. Changes to the UK Student route were announced in July 2023 and are now applicable to anyone applying for a UK Student visa on or after 1 January 2024, […]

What is a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)?

cas uk

As an overseas national, if you want to study for longer than 6 months in the UK you will first need to obtain a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a UK sponsor before you can apply for your student visa. The CAS forms one of the most important parts of the Student visa […]

ATAS Certificate: Academic Technology Approval Scheme

atas certificate

Applying for a UK visa can be a challenging process, not least when it comes to the different documents required in support of your application, which may include an ATAS certificate. Ensuring you have compiled and submitted the right information and documentation can ensure that you minimise any issues or delays with your application processing. In […]

Can You Start a Business on a Student Visa?

start business in uk on student visa

There are strict rules governing what international students can and cannot do during their period of leave in the UK, including rules on working. But is it possible for student visa holders to start a business in the UK?   Can international students start a business in the UK? Student visa holders are not allowed […]

UK Post Study Work Visa Options


If you’re an international student in the UK, there are a number of visa routes for you to consider that will allow you to remain in the country after you graduate. Your UK post study visa options will depend largely on your circumstances and your plans for after you finish your course. For example, do […]

Short Term Study Visa Rules

If you have plans to travel to the UK for study, you will need to apply for the relevant visa. There are three main immigration options for international students coming the UK: Short term study visa The short term study visa is an immigration route specifically designed for students aged 16 or over wanting to […]

Student Visa Application Guide

The UK continues to hold global appeal for the quality of education and academic offering. For international students looking to live and study in the UK, the Student Visa is the primary immigration route for non-UK residents looking to undertake a course of studies at either a British college or university. It has replaced the […]

Graduate Entrepreneur Visa: Guidance for Applicants

The Graduate Entrepreneur visa is closing to new applications on 6th July 2019. The visa is being replaced by Start-Up route. If you unsure about which visa you should apply for, contact our specialists.  If you are an international student with a viable idea for a business, you may be eligible to set up your enterprise here in the […]

UK Registered Traveller Service expanded to 16 new countries

The Home Office has announced the expansion of its Registered Traveller Service to include 16 additional countries.  Membership will now be open to passengers from: Argentina Belize Brazil Brunei Chile Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Israel Malaysia Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Uruguay  The changes take effect Monday 21 November 2016. According to Home Secretary […]

Hiring International Students – Additional Document Checks

As well as the usual Right to Work checks that all employers should perform when hiring staff, there are additional document checks specifically relevant when hiring international students holding Tier 4 (Student) Visas. Employers must carry out prescribed document checks in order to avail themselves of the ‘statutory excuse’ and avoid the possibility of a civil penalty for illegal employment […]