Appendix FM & UK Family Visa Applications

appendix fm

Appendix FM is an extensive document setting out the rules and requirements for individuals to be able to come to the UK by reason of their family life. In this guide, we explain the key requirements for making an application to enter or remain in the UK under Appendix FM.   What is Appendix FM? […]

Student Dependent Visa Guidance

student dependent visa uk

Recent changes to the UK’s student dependent visa have limited the opportunity for most dependants to accompany student visa holders as their partner or child. In this guide, we explain the revised rules and eligibility requirements for dependant family members of international students, and detail the application process for those who may qualify as a […]

UK Family Visas: Join Your Loved Ones

If you’re looking to live in the UK on the basis of a family relationship, you will need to apply for some form of UK family visa. The following guide looks at UK family visas for adults and children, with the various different options available to applicants.   Is there a UK family visa? When […]

Adult Dependent Relative (ADR) Visa Guide

adult dependant relative

The adult dependent relative (ADR) route provides qualifying applicants with the opportunity to live in the UK with a close relative on a long-term or even permanent basis. ADR visas, however, are generally only granted in limited circumstances. The following guide sets out the rules relating to this category of visa, from who is eligible […]

PBS Dependant Visa Guidance

A PBS dependant visa, or Family Member of a PBS Migrant visa as it is also known, gives permission to enter and remain in the UK to certain family members of individuals who have or are applying for a UK visa under the points-based system (PBS). The ‘main applicant’ or ‘visa holder’ must be, or […]

Tier 2 Dependent Visa Guidance

One of the advantages of the Tier 2 visa route is that it allows family members to join the main visa holder in the UK with a Tier 2 Dependent visa. The Tier 2 visa is now closed to new applicants, and has been replaced by the Skilled Worker visa and the Health & Care […]

FLR M Form: Spouse, Partner or Child Extensions

You will need to complete the FLR M form if you want to make an application to extend your stay in the UK on the basis of your family life and relationship to either: A British citizen A person who is present and settled in the UK with indefinite leave to remain, or A person […]

Tier 1 Dependant Visa (Application & Requirements)

Applying for the Tier 1 Dependant Visa  One of the benefits of the Tier 1 visa route is that it offers the visa holder’s family members the opportunity to apply to join their loved one in the UK. As a ‘PBS dependant’ under the UK’s Points-Based visa system, you will be subject to different rules […]