Appendix Skilled Worker (Sponsor Guide)

Appendix Skilled Worker sets out the rules for skilled migrant workers to be sponsored under the UK’s Immigration Rules. The Skilled Worker route is the primary immigration route for overseas skilled workers looking to come to the UK, although an applicant must first meet various requirements to qualify for a visa under this route. These […]

Shortage Occupation List 2023

Shortage Occupation List

The UK’s Shortage Occupation List can be a source of much confusion for employers sponsoring visa workers, particularly when hiring under a sponsorship licence for the first time or recruiting for a different type of role. It is important however for employers, HR professionals and anyone involved in your organisation’s international recruitment to understand the […]

Skilled Worker Dependant Visa Guide

Skilled Worker Dependant Visa

If your partner or parent is applying or already has permission on the Skilled Worker route to undertake an eligible job role in the UK, and you are looking to accompany or join them, you will need to apply for a Skilled Worker Dependant visa. In this guide, we explain who is eligible to apply […]

Skilled Worker Visa Going Rate

skilled worker visa

One of the eligibility requirements under the Skilled Worker Visa route is that the role being recruited for pays at or above the relevant minimum salary threshold. In most cases, the threshold will be £26,200 per year, unless the ‘going rate’ for the particular role is higher. Each job eligible for the Skilled Worker visa is assigned a […]

Skilled Worker Minimum Salary 2023

One of the more complex requirements for sponsoring individuals under the Skilled Worker visa is the minimum salary threshold. There is no single, universal Skilled Worker minimum salary threshold. Rather, the relevant level must be determined by applying the immigration rules and Home Office guidance, and ensuring the correct salary level is calculated. Skilled Worker […]

Skilled Worker Visa Extension Guide

skilled worker visa extension

Skilled Worker visas are issued for a period of up to five years. To remain in the UK beyond this, the worker has to make an application for a Skilled Worker visa extension before their current visa expires to avoid overstaying. As with the initial visa application, the worker will need to show when they […]

Can Sponsored Workers Have a Second Job?

In light of the ongoing cost of living crisis, many workers may be looking for additional sources of income. For sponsored migrant workers, however, it may not be as straightforward as simply finding a second job. The worker has to ensure that their visa conditions allow them to take on more work, and their employer […]

Student to Skilled Worker Visa Switching (Sponsor Guide)

If your organisation is hiring international graduates, immigration will be a key part of the recruitment and onboarding stages. For applicants, switching from the Student to Skilled Worker visa is rarely straightforward, but the process can be made easier and more certain if the sponsor and applicant work together on the application. While the Graduate route, […]

Skilled Worker Visa to ILR

skilled worker visa

You can become eligible to switch from a Skilled Worker Visa to ILR after you have lived in the UK continuously with sponsored status for 5 years. Skilled worker visas are granted for a period of up to 5 years. At the end of this visa period, you apply to extend your visa or you […]

Skilled Worker Visa Change of Employment

If you are a Skilled Worker or old Tier 2 General visa holder and you are changing employment, you will need to make an application to the Home Office to update your visa. Relevant changes in employment include: Changing job and changing employer Changing job from a role that was on the Shortage Occupation List […]