Ireland Investor Visa (Applicant FAQs)

The Ireland Investor visa is offered through the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP). It is available to citizens of non-EEA countries who have a personal net worth of more than €2 million and who make investment in an approved activity. Designed to offer residency in exchange for investment, Ireland’s investor visa allows the visa holder […]

Ireland Immigration Investment Programme: What Do You Need to Invest?

The Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP), also known as the Ireland investor visa, offers non-EU nationals the opportunity to gain residency in Ireland and to become eligible for an Irish passport, in exchange for a qualifying investment. Following the closure of the equivalent investor scheme in the UK, the IIP is proving an attractive immigration […]

Irish Citizenship Through Investment

Gaining Irish citizenship through investment has become attractive for many reasons. As an Irish citizen, you are conferred constitutional rights and privileges, such as the freedom to enter and leave the State without immigration restrictions and the ability to apply for an Irish passport. You also attain rights as an EU citizen to live, travel and work […]

Ireland Investor Immigration Programme

The Ireland Investor Immigration Programme grants residency to eligible investors who can evidence personal net assets worth more than €2 million. Ireland has become an increasingly attractive destination for non-EEA nationals seeking residence in an EU country through investment. A small but highly globalised economy, Ireland offers competitive corporate taxation, access to an educated, English-speaking workforce […]