Innovator Founder Visa to ILR

innovator founder to ilr

The route from Innovator Founder visa to ILR is relatively straightforward, but the requirements for UK settlement must be met and evidenced in your application.   Eligibility requirements for Innovator Founder visa to ILR The Innovator Founder route is a route for overseas nationals who have come to the UK to establish a business based […]

Innovator Founder Visa Business Plan

innovator founder visa business plan

The innovator founder visa is a new immigration route that opened to applicants on 13 April 2023. This replaces the previous innovator and start-up visas, and is now the primary visa category for overseas entrepreneurs looking to set up an innovative business in the UK. However, even though this route introduces several favourable changes to […]

Can Visa Dependants Start a Business in the UK?

Can dependants start a business in UK?

Dependant visa holders are generally permitted to start and run their own business in the UK, provided they have lawful status and remain eligible under their visa conditions. In this guide, we explain the rules on setting up a business if you have a dependant visa.   Who are visa dependants? Visa dependants, or dependant […]

Entrepreneur Visa UK

uk entrepreneur visa

Under current rules, if you’re looking to come to the UK set up your own business, you should apply for the Innovator Founder visa. If you want to set up UK-based operations for an overseas company, you would apply for the UK Expansion Worker visa. In this guide, we look at both business visa options, […]

Start Up to Innovator Founder Visa

start up to innovator founder visa

If you’re in the UK on the Start up route, you may want to switch into the Innovator Founder route as a longer term option to remain in Britain. In this guide for Start up visa holders, we look in detail at how to switch from a Start up to Innovator Founder visa, from the […]

Can You Start a Business on a Student Visa?

start business in uk on student visa

There are strict rules governing what international students can and cannot do during their period of leave in the UK, including rules on working. But is it possible for student visa holders to start a business in the UK?   Can international students start a business in the UK? Student visa holders are not allowed […]

Innovator Founder Visa Endorsement Guide

Under the rules of the UK’s Innovator Founder visa, applicants must first secure endorsement for their business before they can apply to the Home Office for their visa. In this innovator founder visa endorsement guide, we look at the requirements you will need to meet to be endorsed for your business idea.   What is […]