The Pros & Cons of Unlimited Holidays

The benefits of offering employees more than their minimum statutory entitlements are well understood. Enhanced annual leave, for example, is a common way for employers to attract talent, and help their workforce achieve a healthy work-life balance by increasing levels of morale and motivation whilst decreasing levels of work-related stress. Offering additional paid holiday can […]

Staff Affairs at Work

With people spending one-third of their life at work, workplace romances are inevitable. While most relationships at work  won’t cause problems, it’s best for employers to be prepared and have provisions in place to ensure any workplace affairs or relationships don’t have a negative impact on the organisation. It’s also important that employees understand the […]

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Guide 2023

gender pay gap report

‘Gender pay gap’ refers to the difference between the average earnings of men and women across an organisation. The Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations were introduced in 2017 to make it a legal obligation for employers to take action to identify and publish any gender pay gaps within their organisation. Under the regulations, organisations with […]

Absence Management: Best Practice For Employers

Time lost due to employee absence costs employers, both in relation to the unworked hours and in the time needed to manage the absence, arrange cover and provide support where required on the return to work. But absences from work are an inevitable part of running an organisation, where staff may be off work for […]

Managing Enhanced Maternity Pay

Providing employees with enhanced contractual rights when it comes to maternity pay can help to attract and retain top talent within the workforce. However, employers should first understand how enhanced maternity pay provisions operate in practice, from how these differ to statutory maternity pay to the conditions that can be used to qualify any enhanced […]

Review Your Sickness Absence Policy

sickness absence policy

Employers should have in place a suitable and up-to-date sickness policy, designed to promote the health and wellbeing of their workforce through the effective management of absence due to ill health. The following guide provides advice for employers on the importance of reviewing and maintaining their company’s sickness policy.   What should a sickness policy […]

Workplace Policies (Advice for HR)

workplace policies

As an employer, it is important to have workplace policies and procedures in place that cover a range of operational and behavioural aspects of the organisation. This provides clarity and consistency across procedures, expectations and standards that benefits both employees and the organisation as a whole. Managing people takes time, energy and expertise, but by […]

Swearing in the Workplace

swearing in the workplace

Whether swearing in the workplace is acceptable will depend on the context and the employer’s expectations of its workforce. In some working environments, swearing may be commonplace and culturally accepted as part of everyday communication between colleagues. But in other workplaces, swearing may be considered unprofessional, offensive and grounds for disciplinary action. Employers have to […]

Adopting Staggered Hours in your Workplace

staggered hours

With the rise of flexible working, working arrangements such as staggered hours can benefit both the employer and the employee. In this guide, we explain what is meant by staggered hours and the legal and HR issues facing employers when implementing this strategy or dealing with requests for staggered hours from employees.   What are […]

COVID Return to Work Risk Assessment Guide

covid return to work risk assessment

With the recent lifting of lockdown restrictions, many employers will now be asking staff to return to the workplace. Ensuring the health and safety at work of staff and visitors remains paramount throughout this transition period. The following guide for employers looks at how to conduct a COVID return to work risk assessment prior to […]