TUPE Transfer Checklist

tupe transfer

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations (TUPE) exist to protect employee rights when the business they work for changes owner. If your organisation is due to be partially or completely sold to another employer, or you are switching service providers in a manner that will involve transfer of employees, you have a statutory […]

Relocation Policy (What to Include?)

11 minute read Last updated: 19th November 2019   Handled badly, a workplace relocation has the potential to impact morale and productivity, and key personnel may opt to leave the company, creating the additional expense of hiring and training new employees. A clear and comprehensive relocation policy is a powerful tool for ensuring both employers […]

Employees’ Relocation Rights: Guide for HR

employee relocation rights

8 minute read Last updated: 25th October 2019   Whether organisations are moving to bigger premises, for financial reasons or to be nearer to customers, the relocation process is invariably complex, carrying a number of risks and challenges for human resource teams. The priority should be retaining key personnel and maintaining a positive and productive […]

Redeployment Rights & Redundancy

redeployment rights

The redundancy process is a complex combination of rights, requirements and HR & legal risks for employers and the specific area of redeployment rights is no different. In this article, we summarise an employee’s redeployment rights in the specific context of a redundancy situation and how an employer can reduce the risk of workplace dispute, […]

Managing TUPE (and Getting it Right!)

Employer guidance for managing TUPE transfers   10 minute read Last updated: 29th November 2019   If you are buying or selling a business, you may need to familiarise yourself with the rules under TUPE. This will ensure that any employees transferring to a new employer as part of the transaction are protected in accordance with […]