Relocation Policy (What to Include?)

Relocation Policy

Handled badly, a workplace relocation has the potential to impact morale and productivity, and key personnel may opt to leave the company, creating the additional expense of hiring and training new employees. A clear and comprehensive relocation policy is a powerful tool for ensuring both employers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities in respect […]

Do You Need a Mental Health First Aider?

With mental health being one of the leading causes of sickness absence, and with thousands of employees losing their jobs each year to mental health-related problems, employers are increasingly looking to find ways to support the emotional wellbeing of their employees. Below we look at the benefits of appointing a mental health first aider as […]

How to Avoid Redundancy

Employers have to take steps to avoid redundancy by considering alternative measures. It is also generally in the organisation’s interests to exhaust all alternatives to redundancy, given the legal risks and impact on workforce morale that inevitably come with undertaking a redundancy process. The options to consider will depend on the employer’s reasons for redundancy and […]